Pregnant customer accuses McDonald’s worker of refusing to let her use bathroom because she paid with coupon

Justin Chan

A 26-year-old pregnant customer in England alleged that a McDonald’s employee refused to let her use the bathroom because she had paid for a coffee using a coupon, the Sun reports.

Amy Williams, who is 36 weeks pregnant and lives in Ashford, Kent, was purportedly waiting at the fast food restaurant’s location in Canterbury when she had to use the bathroom. Williams, a self-employed cleaner, said she was heading to the restroom when a worker blocked her path and said, “You’re not paying with real money.”

“I was livid,” Williams recalled. “I’m not at the stage of ‘Is she pregnant or just bloated?’ I’m full on pregnant and I wasn’t allowed to pee because I wasn’t paying with money. I was paying with a voucher.”

Williams accused the unidentified employee of then pointing at her bump and saying, “I understand your predicament, but you’re not paying with real money.”

The 26-year-old said she eventually ran into a Caffe Nero nearby, where the staff let her use their bathroom.

“I was about to cry,” Williams told the Sun. “I had to run away because I needed to pee that bad.”

Following the alleged incident, Williams and her partner 26-year-old Sam Hutchinson, were “really upset” but didn’t want to cause a scene at McDonald’s. They ended up going to Five Guys for lunch instead, she said.

“We have dignity, though I nearly didn’t,” Williams said. “Everyone is really shocked. They’re disgusted that they would do that.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s seemingly acknowledged the incident, apologizing to the couple for what had transpired.

“We sincerely apologize to the customer in question for their experience and are disappointed that our customer services fell below the standards we would expect on this occasion,” the spokesperson said in a statement. “Incorrect guidance was unintentionally provided, and the restaurant team have been reminded of our policies to help prevent this happening in the future.”

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