Precious Pit Bulls 'Rate' Their First Week with New Puppy Sibling in Irresistible Video

Bringing home a new puppy can be an adjustment for everyone, including any current dogs in your home. Not only will you be getting used to all new routines, but it will be an entirely new dynamic in your home. It's OK if things don't feel normal for a few weeks--or even months!

In the case of Pit Bull siblings Knight and Aston, each dog processed the changes of having a new puppy around in their own way. For big brother Knight, there wasn't an immediate connection. In fact, he and baby sis Stormi hardly interacted during their first week together. Even so, the precious Pittie puppy had an eventful first week at home.

On May 14, she and her siblings helped to 'rate' their most memorable moments together so far, and I think it's safe to say that this family couldn't be cuter. Welcome to the Pit crew, Stormi!

OMG--this just might be the cutest thing I've ever seen! This tiny Pit Bull puppy already has so much confidence in her forever home, and it's all thanks to her loving owner and devoted siblings. Not everything about their first week together was all sunshine and rainbows, but it looks like the happy times far outweigh the challenges- especially when the siblings are playing together!

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"I love how when big dogs play with big dogs, they use all teeth full force with aggression," commented @justkeepswiimmiing. "Yet they just know when there’s a smaller pup, they have to be gentle." You're so right! Canines can sense more about the world and each other than we may think, and this is the perfect proof.

For big sister Aston, playing with her little sis comes naturally. They bonded immediately despite their large age gap, but Knight took a little longer to come around. Even though it's not in this video, you can rest assured that playful Pit Bull Knight finally came around. Now he's a playmate for baby Stormi, too!

Adjusting to Life With a New Puppy

Even though Aston and Stormi became fast friends, not every dog (or owner) adjusts so quickly to having a new puppy at home. Changes in routine can be hard to get used to, but you can make things easier on yourself by doing your research and anticipating changes ahead of time.

Additionally, prepare yourself with the 3-3-3 rule, which explains how long it can take for dogs to reach certain levels of comfort in their new homes. For example, it can take three days for a new puppy to feel safe enough to interact and explore, and it takes about three weeks for them to get the hang of daily routines. By the time three months roll around, they should be feeling at home!

Considering how well Stormi and her new siblings are getting along, it's safe to say that they're on track to becoming BFFs. I can't wait to see all of their future adventures!

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