Precious Kitty Who's Been at LA Cat Cafe for Nearly 200 Days Deserves Her Happy Ending

This baby deserves a forever home right meow!

It's always so heartbreaking when you see a cat who has been at a shelter or another adoptable place for a long time, and you wish all these beautiful animals would finally find their forever homes so they can get the love, care and attention they deserve.

The awesome cat cafe @Crumbs_whiskers recently posted a clip of a precious Tabby cat named Gracie who is still waiting for her forever home, after close to 200 days. Watch the following to see this pretty girl in action.

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The cat cafe posts in the description, "Our Gracie girl is still available for adoption after coming to our LA cafe in August of last year! Come meet our beautiful queen this week at our cafe location on Melrose!"

TikTok users are adoring beautiful Gracie and @CoastalBabe comments, "Beautiful girl. Praying her future forever parent sees this video and gives her a wonderful home." @LamentButterfly sweetly adds, "To give her hope, please tell her that one of the cats at the shelter where I work was adopted after 8 years with us. She’s lovely." @Samanthajohnson2759 cheers Gracie on with, "Rooting for you beautiful girl!"

If you are interested in adopting Gracie or meeting another of their adorable adoptable cats, you can find information about the cat cafe, located in Los Angeles here.

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