Precious Duck's Trip Through Security Is Making People's Day

What a little star this duck is!

Just when we thought it was only dogs that people brought everywhere, we came across TikTok user @seducktiv on our timeline. Apparently, ducks are the new dogs! And especially Wrinkle the duck. He's everywhere!

Wrinkle recently was at a festival, which of course had a security checkpoint that everyone has to go through. Even Wrinkle! His experience through the line will bring the biggest smile to your face. It's no wonder the clip has already reached over 1.1. million views within this first day. Check it out!

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LMAO! Could you imagine seeing this as you're walking through security?! There's no doubt in our minds that Wrinkle held up the line with his cuteness. "Something I was not expecting to need to see in my life," commented @pistincup. For real though! We would've never thought a duck would get searched by security.

At least it's nice to know the security workers were doing their job! @tannertheweeman wrote, "Gotta check that he’s a good boy." And a good boy he is! "Security: 'Do you have anything under your wing?' Duck: 'Yeah...a heart of gold,'" added @jsneed2020. HA! Even if you've never seen Wrinkle before, you have to believe that he has a heart of gold!

Can everywhere have a 'good pet metal detector' so we can see all the good pets in the world?! And if it goes off, we can reward them with a treat? That would be the cutest thing ever!

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