Precious Dog Abandoned Outside Burger King with the Saddest Note

This shelter decided to #ChooseKindness for this dog and his owners.

Recently a dog named King was found abandoned outside of a Burger King fast food restaurant in suburban Chicago with a note that read, "Him I'm King, I'm a good Boy, Love to Hug & Kiss." This dog was brought to the South Suburban Humane Society after The Monee Police Department were unable to locate the dog's owners.

The sad story has since been updated by the shelter:

'King's owner has come forward and without divulging too much, they happened upon hard times and they couldn’t keep him. They knew he would be well taken care of at our PD so they attached the note and had someone bring him into the station. He was never placed in danger. Based on these circumstances it was decided between us and SSHS that we should try to keep King with his owner because the love between them was very evident! SSHS has agreed to step in and give the owner a timeline to change their living situation and then they will be reunited with King.'

The post continues, 'She brought all of his food, toys, treats, and we had a tearful conversation together," the post continued. "She wants to try and find a new place to live to keep her extremely well taken care of dog that she deeply loves. So one of our amazing staff members agreed to foster King at her house for a month so we can hopefully make a reunion happen.'

@KimWyatt comments, "Thank you for sharing. King and his pet parent will reunite soon." JulieBeckstein adds, "Thank you guys for giving her a chance to get her pup back home."

We love how this shelter has decided to Choose Kindness and attempt to reunite King with his owner. Here's hoping they are back together soon.

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