Precious Bulldog Insists on Hugging Everyone at the Vet Clinic

We can see why she's 'patient of the week.'

Get ready to have your heart absolutely melt when you see what TikTok account holder @Dr.zonramliao has named his 'Patient Of The Week.' Beautiful bulldog Mary hugs everyone she meets at the vet clinic and our hearts can't stand it.

Just watch the following to see this sweet huggable girl in action. We would pretty much do anything to give Mary a hug.

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How precious is she? What an angel baby. TikTok users are in love with this girl and @Krystalnichole comments, "Oh gosh I would fly to go hug her LOL she’s so cute." Us too, let's all book tickets! @Vickiegore adds, "So freaking precious!" @Cherryredhead replies, "Wow!! I want to hug this precious dog." @MindyBellatrick says something we can all agree with, "What an adorable greeting. Mary is lovely." @Christina reads our minds and adds, "Omg. I want to hug her and never let go." @Tim comments, "This is the most adorable fur potato I have ever seen!"

We love this fur potato too, and we love Dr.Zonram Liao's TikTok page, for all of his helpful pet information and adorable clips of the animals he cares for. We hope he posts more videos of sweet Mary soon because we can't get enough of this precious hugging bulldog!

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