Pre-Orders for the SEGA Genesis Mini 2 Are Now Open

·1 min read

SEGA has just announced that pre-orders for its follow-up to the 2019 Genesis Mini are now open. This second version is more compact and advanced with a new line-up of over 50 games, including games from the SEGA CD era -- there's even full-motion video.

Sized at 12cm (W) x 3.2cm (H) x 11.6cm (D), the SEGA Genesis Mini 2 comes with one high-speed HDMI cable, a USB power cable, AC adapter, and one controller. SEGA has also sweetened things up by including a previously unreleased game to keep fans guessing.

Priced at $103 USD, The SEGA Genesis Mini 2 is available for North American pre-order now over at Amazon where it is officially releasing on October 27. Check out the official page to learn more.

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