Who is the pottery guy on TikTok? Billy Keogh has won over the app with his ceramic videos

Billy Keogh — perhaps better known as “pottery guy” on TikTok — has been mesmerizing viewers with his one-of-a-kind ceramic creations for about a year now.

But recently, his videos have started to take on a life of their own, racking in millions of views and tons of thirsty comments from fans who watch less for the art and more for Keogh himself.

Who is Billy Keogh?

According to the New York Post, Keogh, 23, is a Seattle-born artist who now lives and works in Los Angeles. When he’s not sitting at his pottery wheel or creating original content, Keogh actually works in cybersecurity. But for the past five years, pottery-making has definitely become his main passion.

“Pottery is such a mesmerizing thing to watch,” Keogh recently told The Post.

That said, he understands why it often gets some viewers a little hot under the collar, too.

“It’s an inherently [sensual] art form,” he continued, adding that there can be a lot of sexual innuendo to the process. “But for me, it’s a nice escape that allows me to create beautiful things.”

According to the artist, Keogh didn’t even get into ceramics until 2018, during his senior year of high school but was fortunate to have a great teacher. Turns out, Keogh’s dad also works as a ceramicist and initially showed him the ropes. Then, during the height of the pandemic, Bill decided to turn the family garage into a pottery studio so they both could work whenever they wanted, and from that point on, there was no looking back.

Keogh quickly mastered everything from bowls to mugs to vases but didn’t start sharing videos of his process until 2022. For the past year, he’s steadily grown a following of nearly 490,000 on TikTok.

Scroll through his videos, and you’re bound to see a ton of thirsty comments, too — some from users who simply love pottery as an art form and others from those who are there for “alternative” reasons.

“sorry, i’m not watching the video for the pottery making,” a user commented on one TikTok.

“pottery boys will always have a place in my heart,” said another.

“oh sorry did you make a vase i was distracted,” someone else quipped.

According to Keogh, the vast majority of comments are flattering, but as with anything, a few have gone too far. Especially those that have come in privately through his DMs.

“I understand that sex sells, but some [messages] have rubbed me the wrong way once or twice,” he admitted to The Post.

Naturally, a huge part of Keogh’s appeal is his good looks, which seem to have caught the attention of Gen Z in a big way. But his videos haven’t just won him an audience on TikTok — so far, they’ve also helped him establish a promising modeling career, too.

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