Give Your Potato Salad Robust Greek Flavors With Tzatziki

Bowl herby potato salad with dill
Bowl herby potato salad with dill - Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Potato salad is the cool, creamy side dish that always has a spot on the table. Many people have strong feelings about this staple dish -- you may prefer it as an accompaniment for fried chicken over barbecued meat, or point blank refuse to use eggs. But there's one thing that should be easy to agree on: Adding tzatziki will upgrade your potato salad with Mediterranean flair.

Preferences and special add-ins aside, classic potato salad is made with mayonnaise, mustard, red onions, and dill pickles. Creamy, tangy, and brimming with fresh herbs, tzatziki contains similar elements. The Greek sauce is comprised of strained yogurt, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and shredded cucumber. While it has just a touch of sweetness from the cucumber, tzatziki is brimming with zesty notes, just like in any potato salad. Often garnished with dill or mint, the herbaceous sauce is the perfect match to the potato's buttery taste, making the two a natural pair.

After chopping and cooking the potatoes, you can toss them with a few spoonfuls of tzatziki and wait for the salad to chill before eating. It's flavorful enough to be used on the potatoes on its own, but you can still dress it up with extra dill, green onions, chopped celery, eggs, or parsley. If you don't have any store-bought tzatziki on hand, making classic tzatziki from scratch takes just 15 minutes and only requires a few basic ingredients.

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Incorporate Tzatziki Into These Potato Salad Recipes

bowl tzatziki with ingredients
bowl tzatziki with ingredients - Liligraphie/Getty Images

For a different take on standard potato salad, try this creamy dill potato salad for some tasty Med flavor. It already has the dill part down, but to get even more robust Greek flavors, mix tzatziki in, as well. Although the recipe calls for mayonnaise, Greek yogurt is a common substitute for the condiment, so you could mix them together. Finish it off with chopped fresh mint and a drizzle of olive oil.

Classic Southern potato salad can also get an upgrade with the addition of tzatziki. Swap out the mayo in favor of the sauce and stir the sweet relish into the tzatziki. For a spicier touch, replace the yellow mustard with Dijon mustard, instead. Fold the chopped eggs and potatoes into the mix and chill in the fridge before serving.

While tzatziki tastes delicious in practically any potato salad recipe, you can make it from scratch with solely Mediterranean ingredients. Opt for a splash of red wine or white vinegar in place of mustard. Rather than using buttery eggs, sprinkle feta, red onions, and chopped kalamata olives into the potato salad. Fold freshly minced garlic in and finish it off with plenty of fresh mint, dill, oregano, and parsley.

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