Postmates driver slammed for ‘shady’ behavior during delivery: ‘He was trying to scam you’

A customer wouldn’t cooperate with a Postmates delivery driver he believed was scamming him. He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if others felt like the driver was playing him too. The delivery went awry when the restaurant he ordered from was closed. The driver refused to cancel the order and insisted the customer incur a non-refundable fee. “So I said, ‘sorry babydoll, no-can-dos-ville.’ 40 minutes goes by. He texts me again, telling me I have to cancel it so he can get back to work. Again I say no, I’m really sorry but that’s not how this works”. The courier then began driving to his house to trick the Postmates into believing the delivery was completed. That meant the customer would have to pay for an order he didn’t receive . “He calls and text me multiple times trying to BULLY me into canceling the order and eating the fee,” the user wrote. “Then I lay it on him. Hey bro, I also work for Postmates and I know for a fact you can cancel this order very easily… All of the sudden, homeboy figures out how to cancel the order. Instantly”