These Post-Breakup IG Pics Of Chelsea Handler In SKIMS Undies Are 🔥

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  • Chelsea Handler might be going through a tough breakup, but she wasn't afraid to bare all in a new SKIMS Instagram ad campaign.

  • The comedian, 47, donned a SKIMS bra and underwear set for the ad, and she was as strong as ever in the Instagram photos she posted.

  • Chelsea works hard in the gym to keep herself mentally and physically strong.

Chelsea Handler recently split from comedian Jo Koy, but she looks like she's choosing joy in a new underwear ad for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS.

“More women should be empowered to show off their boobs, and I loved being a part of this campaign for @skims Bras to celebrate that!” the 47-year-old wrote in the caption, before noting that SKIMS Bras launch next Tuesday <sets phone alert>.

In the pics, a visibly glowing Chelsea models a deep green bra and high-waisted underwear set, along with a nude bra and briefs. The comedian is super strong and, TBH, she looks really, really calm and happy in the photos.

People were all over it in the comments. “Wowwwww you look stunning dear Chelsea🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” one fan wrote. “Killed it 👏,” another said.

Kim also posted a video of Chelsea on her Instagram Story, and the comedian is simply glowing.

Lately, Chelsea has been working hard on her strength gains. In May, she dropped video on Instagram that showed her doing deadlifts under the guidance of her trainer, Ben Bruno. (The weighted plates hilariously looked like donuts and pizza.)

"I used to hate working out until @benbrunotraining turned me into a beast! Monday morning reboot! Let’s go!” she wrote in the caption.

Speaking of how she used to hate working out…Chelsea previously told People that exercising makes her feel mentally strong. “To me, working out is about being strong in your body for your health, while before it was about being physically looking good,” she said. “Now I’m like, I have to mentally be strong in order to work hard and get s— done. It makes you feel better.”

But Chelsea said she’s not into group classes—"I don’t think I’m competitive enough,” she told People. “There’s a pace I don’t like.”

Bruno has shared plenty of videos of Chelsea completely crushing it at the gym, including the comedian doing an impressive one-arm, one-leg dumbbell press. “For as much as we give each other a hard time, she’s become really good in the gym,” he wrote.

On the nutrition front, Chelsea is focused on fueling herself properly for her workouts, which means eating every three to four hours to control her blood sugar levels. "I like to eat light and I don't overdo it now," she told Women's Health. "When I'm eating, I take my time and pay attention to when I'm full."

But she also loves a skinny margarita, usually in flavors like blood fruit or grapefruit. Uh, yum!

Get it, Chelsea. Everyone is cheering you on!

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