Possum Going to Town on a Pup Cup Is Ridiculously Adorable

His little hands grabbing this cup are the cutest.

Possums can be difficult to keep as pets because have unique dietary requirements and cannot be fed a typical pet diet. They need a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, and protein, and may require supplementation of vitamins and minerals. And, you know, a pup cup on occasion.

TikTok account holder @I_will_kick_your_baby posted an adorable video of their rescue possum Remmy going absolutely HAM on a pup cup. Watch the following to see this possum living his best life ever.

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@Wrech has the best comment with "That's the cutest chihuahua I have ever seen!" @Inletlady adds, "Not on my bucket list, but should have been!" @Coffeeaddict adds, "He's holding that with all his might!" @max replies "It should be illegal to be as cute as he is! I want to cuddle him so bad I cannot stand it." Well, technically, it actually probably is illegal because you can't legally keep a possum as a pet in a lot of states. @KeriandNan say, "The way he's holding that cup in his little first! What a sweet baby!" @mary adds, "I cannot deal with the way he's holding that cup and his tiny little snoot."

This just goes to prove that all animals, no matter how big, small or potentially illegal in your state deserve a pup cup. or a possum cup.

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