Posing coach shares tips on what to do with your hands in photos: ‘Me always saving these’

TikToker and posing coach David Suh (@davidsuh) shared a few simple tricks for anyone who has ever wondered what to do with their hands in photos.

Suh is a Los Angeles-based TikToker, posing coach and photographer who shares tutorials on how to pose for photos. In a video, Suh responded to a TikToker who shared that she has no idea what to do with her arms when she poses for photos. Suh shared some brilliantly simple advice on how to pose your arms and hands so that you look like your best self.

The video begins with TikToker @notbrookemonk asking, “Does anyone else just not know what to do with their arms in photos?”

Then Suh cuts to a shot of himself standing in front of a gray backdrop.

“One of the most asked questions I get is how to pose your arms and hands,” he explains. “So here’s a guide on how to pose them.”

Suh explains that there are three levels of difficulty when it comes to hand posing. The easiest is to keep your hands below your waist. Slightly harder is raising your hands to the center of your torso. Finally, the hardest pose to master is raising your hands above your head.

Suh goes on to explain how to master the easiest pose, which he calls “level one.”

Start by shifting your weight and bringing one foot out, Suh recommends.

“Hands will go in the pockets to create a nice shape here,” he explains. Once that’s done, you have a solid first pose.

To evolve the pose further, push one shoulder back and move your hands toward your waist. Then change your stance and shift your weight to the back leg. Then put one hand in your back pocket, and change your forward foot to a tiptoe.

“Practice this multiple times, and now you know how to move your hands in conjunction with your body versus just memorizing poses off the internet,” Suh explains as the video ends.

Some TikTok viewers still struggled with the poses

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Suh’s posing tips, though some admitted they were still struggling to master them.

“It’s harder than math equations,” one viewer joked.

“Love it but it’s how I got scoliosis,” joked another TikToker.

“Me always saving these, but forgetting the instant I’m taking photos,” commented another viewer.

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