Popeyes Launches 'Girl Dinner' Inspired By Viral Online Trend

Whatever you thought you were having for "Girl Dinner" tonight, there's been a change of plans.

Popeyes has got you covered, taking a little inspiration from the viral TikTok trend launched by TikToker Olivia Maher, who uploaded a video sharing that a spread of cheese, fruit, bread and pickles made up her ideal meal.

And what did she dub that meal? That's right: "Girl Dinner."

"Girl Dinner" quickly spread, racking up over 224 million views. It's even infiltrating your favorite chicken joint, with Popeyes offering up the perfect menu to put together your very own "Girl Dinner," no effort required.

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Now available to order online for pickup or delivery, the fast food restaurant has gathered all of its popular sides into one trendy menu: Homestyle Mac & Cheese, Cajun Fries, Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Gravy, Red Beans & Rice, Coleslaw, and A la Carte Biscuits.

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But if you want to sweeten the deal with some chicken, you'll have to order that separately; "Girl Dinner" is not a legitimate meal option on the menu, but a series of individual sides, perfect for picking.

“With the intention to offer a delicious variety of flavors to ‘Girl Dinner’ enthusiasts, Popeyes designed its ‘Girl Dinner’ menu to offer guests options packed with robust Cajun flavors that are made with the same slow, time-honored, homemade traditions of Southern cooking that the brand started in 1972 — many of which defy logic for a fast-food restaurant, but which make Popeyes food taste great,’” a Popeyes spokesperson told TODAY.com.

So it's just the same as it's always been, but different. Because it's "Girl Dinner."

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The menu title changeup is temporary, but it definitely hit the mark; several consumers took to Twitter to express how tickled they were over the move. See some of the reactions here:

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