‘Popeyes kid’ from Vine-inspired meme scores Popeyes sponsorship 10 years later

The “Popeyes kid” just snagged an endorsement deal with Popeyes — and an internet meme has come full circle.

A decade ago, when Vine was the social media platform du jour, it produced all kinds of memorable memes still circulating on the web today. Dieunerst “Popeyes kid” Collin was forever immortalized in an iconic GIF, thanks to one improbable viral video.

Who is the Popeyes kid?

Collin became known as the “Popeyes kid” after he was featured in a popular Vine video, seemingly against his will. While waiting in line for a fountain soda, 8-year-old Collin was approached by a man.

The man had mistaken Collin for Lil Terrio, a famous Vine star at the time.

“Terrio at Popeyes,” the man told Collin. “Say ooh ooh.”

The man insisted Collin repeat Lil Terrio’s catchphrase, but instead, Collin just gave him the now-iconic side-eye.

Where is the Popeyes kid today?

Collin became a state champion football player with his East Orange, New Jersey high school in 2021.

As of 2023, he’s an offensive lineman at Lake Erie College’s Division II football program. He studies sports management with the hopes of playing professionally and becoming a football analyst someday.

Collin’s endorsement deal with Popeyes

When news of Collin’s athletic victories caught Twitter’s attention, he found renewed support and fame as an internet legend.

Popeyes then reached out to Collin with a NIL deal, a brand sponsorship for NCAA athletes.

Collin credited the internet with making the deal happen for him and thanked everyone for their support in a live stream reposted by @FOS on Twitter.

“Only thing I can say is that I will be promoting that business like crazy,” Collin told USA TODAY. “I actually love Popeyes myself.”

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