Pope Francis Hospitalized in Rome After Public Appearance

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Pope Francis is currently hospitalized after experiencing issues with his colon.

The Vatican confirmed to People that the Pope had surgery on Wednesday, June 7, and will remain at the hospital for a few days, where he is expected to fully recover.

Per the report, it was discovered that the Pope needed surgery after he was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday due to experiencing "recurring, painful and worsening" pain caused by an abdominal hernia.

"At the end of the General Audience, the Holy Father went to the A. Gemelli University Hospital where in the early afternoon he will undergo a surgical operation of laparotomy and plastic surgery of the abdominal wall with prostheses under general anesthesia," the Vatican said in a statement.

As reported by The New York Times, the 86-year-old experienced "no complications" during surgery, which was done as a preventative measure to minimize risk of greater infection.

Hours before undergoing surgery, the Pope held his meeting with the general audience in Rome on Wednesday morning, where he "appeared serene, shaking hands with the faithful and allowing several children to board the so-called popemobile while he was driven around the square."

The Pope will reportedly not have any meetings until June 18, when his recovery is expected to be completed.

This is the second time Pope Francis has undergone surgery since stepping into the religious role in 2013. In 2021, he had 13 inches of his colon removed after experiencing diverticulitis, a condition that infects the colon walls.

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