Pop-Tarts Sends a Direct Message to Taylor Swift With Full-Page Ad

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Pop-Tarts and Taylor Swift

The word on the street is that Taylor Swift has her own homemade toaster pastry recipe—and Pop-Tarts wants to know what it is.

The toaster pastry brand called upon the “Cruel Summer” singer to “release the recipe” in a March 1 post on Instagram. Pop-Tarts also took out a full-page ad in the Kansas City Chiefs’ hometown paper, The Kansas City Star, to ensure fans of her boyfriend Travis Kelce's team, the Kansas City Chiefs, saw it.

“To KC’s most famous fan, we heard there’s a Pop-Tarts pastry (Your Version) and in its honor, we’re donating to @harvesters, a local Feeding America partner food bank,” the post said. “But if you #releasetherecipe, we’ll double our donation.”

Pop-Tarts sprinkled its message with a couple of Swift-specific references. In addition to calling the recipe “Your Version”—a nod to Swift’s efforts to re-record all of her older songs that she doesn’t own the masters for—Pop-Tarts’ post also referenced the “Anti-Hero” songstress’ Eras Tour by creating a Pop-Tarts version of her tour poster. While the original poster features a profile of Swift surrounded by smaller photos of her, the Pop-Tarts version shows one large Pop-Tart surrounded by smaller images of the brand’s various flavor boxes.

The existence of Swift’s toaster pastry recipe came to light last week as Chiefs Coach Andy Reid answered questions about the Swift-Kelce romance during an interview with NBC Sports’ PFT Live.

“Behind the scenes, to fit in—she didn’t even know she was doing this, I don’t think,” Reid said of Swift’s efforts to bond with Kelce’s teammates. "But she likes to cook, so she made the offensive linemen these homemade Pop-Tarts.”

Now that Pop-Tarts put the call out there, fans are similarly eager to learn what Swift’s recipe is. Several people tagged Swift’s Instagram account in the comments to boost the odds of her seeing the request. Others voiced appreciation for Pop-Tarts’ creativity and shared recommendations for other Swift-inspired projects.

“I think Pop Tarts wins the internet today,” one Instagram user wrote. “I didn't know I need Pop Tarts (Taylor's version) best mash up.”

“We need a Lavender Haze version,” one person suggested.

Harvesters, the Feeding America partner that Pop-Tarts offered to make a donation to, also commented on the brand’s message, writing, “We can't thank you enough! We all want to know her recipe too…”

Harvesters reiterated Pop-Tarts’ request in a March 1 Instagram post, which notes that Pop-Tarts is donating $12,500 but could donate $25,000 if Swift shares her recipe.

“Taylor has been a supporter of us in the past. Now, her sharing the recipe could mean even more money for folks in Kansas City experiencing food insecurity,” the post said.

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