Pop-Tarts Is Releasing 3 New Flavors And We Call Dibs On Peach Cobbler

From Delish

Pop-Tarts are that kind of food that once you've been eating them for a while, you feel a sense of loyalty to your favorite flavors. Those flavors are your go-to's, your ride-or-dies, but I'm here to tell you that change is a good thing. And Pop-Tarts has three new flavors on the market that may have you rethinking what variety to reach for.

According to product listings on the Meijer grocery store website, Pop-Tarts now come in flavors like Peach Cobbler, Lemon Creme Pie, and Tropical Mango. There is definitely a fruity theme to these new additions and with the warmer seasons upon us that makes complete sense.

Photo credit: Meijer
Photo credit: Meijer

Like all of the best Pop-Tarts flavors, these new ones include the flavor in the filling as well as frosting on top to pack an extra punch into each bite. The Peach Cobbler Pop-Tarts appear to have an orange filling and orange frosting layer on the outside with tiny brown sprinkles. Those brown sprinkles are likely an addition that mimics the sweet crust of any good cobbler. The Lemon Cream Pie Pop-Tarts have similar brown sprinkles on the outer yellow frosting that will make every bite have a hint of pie crust taste too.

As for the Tropical Mango flavor, the Pop-Tart packaging shows that rather than a full layer of icing there is simply a mango-flavored drizzle because, TBH, mango flavor really does speak for itself. While the listing on Meijer's website means it's available at Meijer locations already, we can assume that Peach Cobbler, Lemon Creme Pie, and Tropical Mango Pop-Tarts will be hitting most grocery aisles soon enough if not already. We reached out to Kellogg's for more info so we'll be sure to update you if we hear back. While you wait to get them yourself, you can always pick up your typical choices of Cinnamon Roll or Brown Sugar Cinnamon. Nothing wrong with the classics.

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