Pop Your Pickles In The Air Fryer For A Ridiculously Delicious Crunch

Fried pickles on a plate
Fried pickles on a plate - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Pickles can be a great pick-me-up that serve as a comforting treat -- whether sweet or sour, they're always a pleasure to eat. Along with their versatile taste, pickles provide a crunchy texture that gets your jaw moving and grooving along to every bite. Whether they're basking on your burger, or even sitting on the sidelines of your plate garnishing your Reuben sandwich, the anticipation of their crunch may consume your mind before you consume your meal. Throw in the time-efficient, trouble-free aid of an air fryer and your pickles will have a new place to modify and maximize their crunch!

This crunch machine will keep you from getting into a pickle. Not only will your air fryer save you some prep time and crank up your pickle-crackle, but once that pesky oil is out of the picture, it may even help you conserve some money. Simply pop those pickles into the air fryer and watch them turn from bland to grand in just minutes. Plus, one thing is certain: Any chefs who hate on air fryers will be changing their tune after they try this dish out.

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The Air Fryer Is The Ultimate Crunch Machine

Fried pickle spears with sauces
Fried pickle spears with sauces - Stephen Barnes/Getty Images

When you select your pickles, anything goes -- just pick them based on the shape that resonates with you. They can be spears, crinkle-cuts, chips, or even whole. Go for whatever flavor floats your boat: Half-sour or full-sour; or, you can get worldly and go German or Hungarian! What's important is using your air fryer to turn the pickles of your choice into a crispy, crunchy delectable meal. The air fryer will turn that panko coating on your pickles into micro bits packed with maximum crispiness. Plus, who doesn't love a crunchy fried pickle?

Pickles beware: The time of crunch will soon begin. While your pickles are heating, you can start to whip up some dill-icious dips to enjoy them with. If you like a little spice to go with your crunch, you can certainly make some chipotle aioli to drown them in. Slam, jam, and dunk them into the spicy, creamy, hot, cool, and dreamy sauce. You might also love the combination with a variation of the infamous, go-to ranch dip that usually smothers your chicken wings. This dip will provide an incredible balance of flavor and texture that will make you never think of using blue cheese as a substitute again.

Pairing Your Pickles

Fried pickles on buffalo chicken sandwich
Fried pickles on buffalo chicken sandwich - Indulgence/YouTube

Once you've plucked your pickles from the air fryer, you may begin to wonder what you could possibly pair them with. There are many foods that you can mix and match, but with crunchy air-fried pickles, you need to consider your options. If your pickles are on the tangy side, you could strap on your bayou boots and go Cajun style with the addition of Cajun fried chicken. Even Peter Piper couldn't pick a pairing so delicious. You'll love the taste of this New Orleans-style mashup.

If your pickles are on the sweet side, some fried bread and butter pickles will go harmoniously in taste and texture right on your dogs! That's right, folks. Cheesy hot dogs can be paired perfectly with your air-fried pickles. In fact, you can sprinkle and slap your pickles on each cheesy hot dog, veering into the world of gourmet dogs, giving you the best crunch in every bite. You'll be sure to love these. If you love yourself a good ole Southern-style pulled chicken sandwich topped with buffalo sauce, you can always pile it on higher by adding some fried pickles on top. Regardless of how you plan on enjoying your air-fried pickles, just remember the extra crispy crunch of a frickle next time you open a jar of pickles and don't know what to do with them.

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