The Pop Covers from Queen Charlotte's Soundtrack Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy

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All The Sounds From "Queen Charlotte"Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2023

Dearest readers, there are so many reasons why we all adore Netflix's Regency-era series Bridgerton. From royal ensembles to heartwarming (and sometimes heartbreaking) romances and jaw-dropping gossip, the 'Ton undoubtedly tugs at our heartstrings. Bridgerton is also known for period-era renditions of classic songs as the backdrop to some of the show's most iconic scenes. Netflix kept that same energy with the soundtrack for its prequel series Queen Charlotte, and we have no choice but to stan. In the new prequel series, singles from Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, and SZA set the perfect backdrop for a fictionalized retelling of Queen Charlotte and King George III's young romance.

"It was important to honor Queen Charlotte with her own musical palette… and that felt like Charlotte’s essence,” Alexandra Patsavas, Queen Charlotte music supervisor, tells Netflix's Tudum. Netflix went above and beyond with this soundtrack. According to Patsavas, the remake of Alicia Key's "If I Ain't Got You" featured a "first-of-its-kind orchestra made up of more than 70 women of color who hail from all over the world, including Sweden, South Africa, and France."

The prequel also features new music from composer Kris Bowers, who Tudum says "shaped the Bridgerton universe's musical sensibilities since season 1." The longtime Bridgerton composer revealed that the new song, "A Feeling I've Never Been," plays during young Queen Charlotte and young King George's wedding." Along with pop covers of hit songs that we all love, the soundtrack also features an original score from Bowers.

With all the effort Netflix put into Queen Charlotte's soundtrack, it's only right that we want to make a playlist with the iconic tunes to play on repeat. If you want to take a piece of Queen Charlotte and co. with you once you finish binging the limited series, scroll ahead for all the songs from Queen Charlotte's soundtrack.

Episode 1: "Queen to Be"

"A Feeling I've Never Been" by Kris Bowers and Tayla Parx

Plays during Queen Charlotte and King George's wedding.

"Halo" (Beyoncé cover) by Brian Chan and Caleb Chan

Plays as Young King George reveals a surprise to his bride before young Queen Charlotte learns she'll be living alone.

Episode 2: "Honeymoon Bliss"

No featured song

Episode 3: "Even Days"

"If I Ain't Got You" (Alicia Keys cover) by Vitamin String Quartet

Young King George and young Queen Charlotte dance together during a ball hosted by Lord and Lady Danbury

Episode 4: "Holding the King"

"Déjà Vu" (Beyoncé cover) by Audiostation

Plays during a recap of images from Queen Charlotte and King George's wedding through King George's POV.

Episode 5: "Gardens in Bloom"

"Run the World" (Beyoncé cover) by Brian Chan and Caleb Chan

Plays as young Queen Charlotte and Young Lady Danbury take a stand in their personal lives.

Episode 6: "Crown Jewels"

"Nobody Gets Me" (SZA cover) by Brian Chan and Caleb Chan

Plays as young Queen Charlotte and Young King George dance while hosting their first ball as a married couple.

"I Will Always Love You" (Whitney Houston cover) by Vitamin String Quartet

Princess Augusta thanks Queen Charlotte for making her son happy before the newlyweds begin dancing. Young Brimsley and Reynolds dance together, and the scene fast forwards to Brimsley dancing to the song alone.

Additional Songs From the Queen Charlotte Score

  • Main Title

  • Arranging Marriage

  • Princess Royal Is Dead

  • I'm Just George

  • Rest of Our Lives Together

  • Kiss and Tell

  • Observatory Kiss

  • Who You Are

  • I Am Venus

  • Meet Dr. Monro

  • George Charlotte Montage

  • Almost Kiss

  • Almost Break Down

  • Come Back to Me

  • I Love You, Charlotte

  • He's Not Fine

  • Together We Are Whole

  • Thank You

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