Poor Cow Scrambles to Find Shelter in Texas During Hail Storm

We hope the cow is safe and sound.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a hail storm, you know how scary it can be. You’re not only worried about yourself and your safety, but you’re also thinking about a million other things. Should I run to try and make it inside? Is my car getting ruined? Can I drive in this?

Unfortunately, just as much as we get stuck in severe storms or freezing cold weather, so can animals. A cow was recently stuck in a hailstorm in Dublin, Texas. This poor cow was seen scrambling to find shelter. The TikTok account for the Weather Channel, @weaterchannel, posted the clip and fair warning, it’s truly heartbreaking.

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Ugh, this is the worst thing to see. Like just look at the size of that hail. We wouldn’t even want to stand out there. Thinking about it just hurts us so we can’t even imagine how painful it must’ve been for this sweet cow.

“Poor cow. I hope she’s okay,” commented @gitanamaribelleluna. SAME! We need an update on this cow immediately. @krystal.morales added, “Me yelling at the screen, ‘Go! Go! Hide baby, hide! It’s ok!” Glad to know we weren’t the only ones yelling at the screen for this cow to get to safety.

We live in a place where it doesn’t hail often so we haven’t even thought about all the animals that are caught in storms like this. There are ways to prepare for severe weather, but we also know that it’s not possible every single time. And in Texas, the farm animals were probably in a wide-open field with little coverage. Ugh, we just hope more than anything all the animals were safe during this storm.

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