Who is Poodle Moth on 'The Masked Singer'?

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Poodle Moth on 'The Masked Singer' season 11

A new season of Masked Singer means a new slate of celebrities shrouded by elaborate masks and a Twitter feed full of guesses from viewers watching at home. And we're here to help you figure out the famous faces beneath these wilder-than-ever new masks.

The season 11 contestants boast a combined 22 Grammy nominations, 11 platinum albums, 33 Teen Choice nominations, 108 million records sold, 1.7 billion Spotify streams, and 326 film appearances.

The singers may attempt to throw off the crowd, but we'll be watching for tiny clues. Think we can figure out these stars before panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, Robin Thicke, and Rita Ora?

Let's get started.

Poodle Moth hopes our antennae are tuned in to their eventual win on The Masked Singer. With extended wings and donned head to toe in white and tan fur, they expect their voice to get them out of any hairy situations.

So the next question is...

Who is Poodle Moth on The Masked Singer?

Want to see guesses from other viewers? Follow the mask on social media with #PoodleMothMask.

Here are what the judges have to say:

Robin Thicke – The clue about the Grand Ole Opry and the cowboy hat in the video package leads him to believe this is the wife of a famous hat-donning country crooner, Trisha Yearwood.

Rita Ora – She is also looking at the Opry clue, and going off of the book that appeared in the video package, goes with singer and author Wynonna Judd.

Ken Jeong – He elicits groans from the audience when his "scientific" method of breaking down the birthday candles in the clue package down to "Fire" and "The Sp makes him guess Rita Wilson.

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Who’s on this season of The Masked Singer season 11?

Afghan Hound









Miss Cleocatra

Poodle Moth


Sir Lion

Spaghetti & Meatballs


Ugly Sweater

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