Polo G Goes Undercover on Reddit, Youtube and Twitter

On this episode of Actually Me, Polo G goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia and Quora. Why does he call himself Capalot? Does he prefer lyrical rap or melodic rap?

Video Transcript

POLO G: What's up GQ? It's Polo Go, and I'm going undercover on the internet.


This is actually me.

First up Twitter. Does Polo G count as a mumble rapper? I don't Tweet lyrics, but I just want to know. I definitely don't count as a mumble rapper. I'm a real lyricist, you feel me. I've got a broad message, a real story to tell every time I [? spent. ?] Post it.

Hey bro, what's with y'all Chicago [BLEEP] and the x00s in y'all names/ on y'all jewelry? 300, 600, 1300. That's just how our blocks made up. You can be any type of number on your block, and you usually have two zeros by it. So whether you're from the North side, South side, West side, most times, that's what people are going to go by.

Next. Next up, we've got Wikipedia.

He has stated that American rapper Lil Wayne and hip hop icon Tupac are his biggest influences. He also grew up listening to Gucci Mane me as well as Chicago rappers like Lil Durk, G Herbo, and Chief Keef. That's true.

Lil Wayne, any time I get a record with anybody, I'm going try to be the best person. And with Tupac, I'm not scared to speak on current issues. The artists like Lil Durk, G Herbo, and Chief Keef, they gave me inspiration to really chase my dream. Submit.

Twitter Polo Capalot, what Chicago artist you [BLEEP] with the most or inspires you the most? I can't really say because Juice WRLD is my dog. I rocked with him, but, coming up, the main artist that I ever listened to was G Herbo. Younger Chicago rappers, I rock with Lil Romo right now. I rock with Trench Baby of course. I feel like they're the next biggest stars.

Was the Cartier the best purchase you have made? No. My AP was my best purchase that I ever made. It went up in value. It was like $90,000. Now, fast forward time, now it probably went up an extra $30,000, so that was my best purchase. Submit.

Next up, we've got Instagram.

How much for a feature? My feature price varies. If I've got somebody that I've been doing business with that I'm locked in with, I'm willing to work with them on the price. But I just recently did a feature not too long ago for $150,000, so I'm going to keep going up on the price for sure because I take everything that I do seriously. So I know you're going to get a good verse out of me. Post it.

Who even is Martin and Gina? If you don't know who Martin and Gina is, you need a culture check.

Next up, we've got Quora. Why does Polo G call himself Capalot? I get asked that a lot. In Chicago, we used to use that term a lot, like they're not the chill person, basically the opposite of chill.

How many times has Polo G been to jail? Enough times to not want to go back.

Next. What does Polo G mean? Polo is my favorite clothing brand. The G in my name stands for my friend passed away at 16. His name was Gucci.

Next up, we've got Reddit. We've all seen Polo's new chain, but he hasn't said how much it's worth. My guess is over 500k at least. This is the chain that they talk about, my big 1300 chain. But nothing close to 500k. It was like $115,000. I got it from Wafi Jewelry Unlimited in Atlanta. Post it.

How tall is he? She's 5' 2," but I refuse to believe he's 5' 9." I'm actually hovering between 6' 1" and 6' 2," so I don't know where they got that I'm 5' 9."

I was wondering if anyone knew of his religious beliefs, and if he is in any way interfering with the devil and Illuminati. I definitely want to address this because, when I came out with my goat chain, people were saying, oh, Polo sold his soul to the Illuminati.

And it was something I damn near saw as they were just believing that I'm at a high point in my career. Because that's the only time that they're going to throw that at you. But I definitely am a firm believer in God. I'm not really too religious. I just believe in a higher power. Submit.

Next up, we've got YouTube.

Why are songs short these days? At least give me three minutes, bro. Damn. [BLEEP] so [? fire ?] [? though. ?] Yeah, I had a lot of mixed reviews on "OKOKOK." That was actually one of my favorite songs because I hadn't tapped back into that side of me in a while. A lot of people were saying it was too short. A lot of people were saying, go back to melodic rap.

This is good, but is he actually singing with all the auto tune live? I'm not actually a singer, so I definitely use auto tune for that segment. Post it.

I see you got that PS5 on IG. What's the first game you're playing? My favorite game is 2K. That's really the only game I play. I like to get back into the retro games. I'll play Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas, and something like the.

Next, Polo Capalot, did you write that Kobe verse in, "Trials and Tribulations" before or after he passed? I actually wrote that verse after he passed. I was in Miami, just really freestyling. It really just came out organically. I was really just speaking on how I felt in that moment.

Why are they wishing death on Polo G and Lil Uzi on TikTok? I don't really play with that death thing. I know in this day and age trolling is a big thing, and there are a lot of kids who don't come from our type of background where we don't play like that because death is so common.

And they're coming from a background where that's not so common for them for somebody to get killed or somebody to die. So they take light of something like that, and, where I come from, we don't play with putting death by somebody, man. So I see something like that, most times it pisses me off.

Why do white girls like Polo G so much? I don't know. Maybe it's my melanin.

Whose [BLEEPING] idea was it to put "Go Stupid" by Polo Capalot on TikTok? Song's fitting to get ruined by it. A lot of people say TikTok ruins songs, but I feel like TikTok is really the reason that a lot of songs can blow up. A lot of newer artists are getting signed just off the strength of how big their TikTok gets, so TikTok definitely helped "Go Stupid" be a bigger song for me.

Next. Does Polo G have a child? Yeah, I have a son. My son's one year old. He's fitting to be 2 July 6. His name's Tremani. Do you prefer lyrical rap-- Eminem Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Julie Badass, etc-- or melodic rap-- Juice WRLD XXXTentacion, Polo G, Lil Tjay, Roddy Ricch, etc-- and why? I prefer both.

I came up listening to a different types of styles of rap, and melodic rap just became the new wave of the world. And I definitely love that as a way of expressing yourself or how you feel, but I feel like nobody in the rap industry is rapping like Kendrick Lamar. So I appreciate both styles of rap. Post it.

Polo G Jack Harlow and Lil Keed's 2020 XXL Freshmen Cypher. Do you think Polo G was just like, nah, I'm not rhyming on that. So they were just like, OK, we'll cut it. That actually wasn't the case. I actually wish I could have worked on the beat because I had a hard-ass verse. Jack and Keed had been agreed on a beat. They were vibing out to it, and I'm like, damn, well, I guess I'll just freestyle something.

Is Polo really into it like that? I know he used to be talking real heavy drill [BLEEP] and his early music, but does he really be in the streets, or does he just know people that is? No, I'm not in the streets, man. I stay in Carabasas. Bro, I'm suburban now.

Hey, thank y'all for the questions, but, man, I'm getting off the Internet.