Police officer surprises his 'hype man' with brand-new Stephen Curry sneakers

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On March 26th, Delaware police officer Joshua Morris posted a video of himself hooping with kids at the park while in full uniform. The video went viral, and many viewers noted the hilarious kid who was hyping up the officer in the background. As a response to the viral clip, Morris decided to thank his number one hype man by buying him a pair of kicks. “You the reason why my video went viral,” said Morris to the boy. “So I wanted to gift you with something”. In the original video, Morris shot a three-pointer, and started walking away before the shot even went in. This “no-look three,” which involves turning around before the shot goes in, is a signature move for NBA sharpshooter Steph Curry. So as the shot went up, the boy shouted out “Oh That’s Curry”. “Since you was my hype man, I’m gonna be your hype man right now,” said Morris before handing him the box. “A fresh pair of Currys”. Morris also included some cash, so that the boy could buy some Steph swag to go along with the shoes. The heartwarming Instagram clip spread like wildfire, and it even reached Steph Curry himself. “That’s how you do it right there,” commented the superstar