Police officer responds to 5-year-old's emergency 911 call: 'Can you bring me McDonald's?'

Early Sunday morning in Wyoming, Mich., while his grandmother was sleeping, 5-year-old Izaiah Hall had an emergency — he really, really wanted McDonald's.

Using a phone that was deactivated, Izaiah was able to get through to 911 after connecting to Wi-Fi.

Dispatcher Sara Kuberski handled the call. "Kent County 911. What's your emergency?" she answered.

"Can you bring me McDonald's?" Izaiah asked.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Can you bring me McDonald's?" Izaiah repeated.

Unfortunately, Kuberski told Iziah that she could not bring him McDonald's. "We get a lot of people who are letting their kids play on their cell phones and a lot of them are deactivated, and parents don't realize they can still call 911," Kuberski told ABC 13.

Still, she had to send an officer to his location to ensure that everything was alright. Policeman Dan Patterson responded to the call.

"I figured — hey, I'm driving past McDonald's on my way there and I might as well get him something," Patterson told the outlet.

Upon arrival, no one answered the door, so Officer Patterson knocked on Izaiah's window. "The first thing he said to me was 'My grandma's gonna be so mad. Can you please go away?" Patterson said.

Thankfully, Izaiah's grandmother wasn't mad — she was happy he learned that 911 is used for emergencies only, and wanting McDonald's does not qualify as one. Plus the five-year-old got McDonald's, so it was a win/win.

Yahoo Lifestyle was not able to locate Officer Dan Patterson for comment.

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