Police officer delivers DoorDash order after delivery driver is arrested: ‘That’s how you serve the community’

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Woman shares moment police officer delivered her DoorDash order (TikTok / @anastasiaelsinger)
Woman shares moment police officer delivered her DoorDash order (TikTok / @anastasiaelsinger)

A woman has shared a video of the unlikely delivery driver who brought her her DoorDash order after the original driver was arrested.

On Tuesday, Anastasia Elsinger, a Sioux Falls, South Dakota resident who goes by the username @anastasiaelsinger on TikTok, uploaded a video, captured by her Ring doorbell camera, of a police officer walking up her steps and handing over her food.

In the clip, captioned: “So this happened today,” the police officer could be seen ringing Elsinger’s doorbell as he stood on her front step with two bags of Arby’s food and a soda.

“I know I’m not who you’re expecting,” the police officer explained after Elsinger opened the door. “But your driver got arrested so I figured I’d complete the DoorDash.”

The unexpected delivery was met with laughter from Elsinger, whose amusement over the situation then prompted the police officer to laugh as well.

After thanking the officer for delivering her order, the police officer told Elsinger to “take care” before making his way back to his police car.

The clip, which ended with the doorbell camera capturing Elsinger laughing hysterically over the interaction, has since been viewed more than 8.7m times on TikTok, where viewers have also shared their enjoyment over the delivery.

“Oh my gosh, this is amazing,” one person commented, while another joked: “Protect and SERVE the community.”

“He’s just as tickled, rehearsed that ‘I know I’m not who you were expecting’ line on the way over,” someone else added.

Elsinger’s food choice was also mocked as a result of the viral video, as one viewer claimed that “the real crime is the Arby’s”.

However, other viewers were more interested in the police officer’s appearance, with many noting how attractive they found the DoorDash replacement.

“Are we gonna ignore the fact he’s HOT,” one person wrote, while someone else jokingly asked: “How do I get this hot cop to deliver food for me?”

According to the Facebook group Tea Storm Chasers, which also shared the video on its own account, the officer in question was later identified as Sioux Falls police officer Sam Buhr, while the account claimed that the DoorDash driver was arrested during a traffic stop for warrants.

“The sergeant we spoke with didn’t have the information on what the warrants were,” the account added.

The Independent has contacted Elsinger and the Sioux Falls Police Department for comment.