Police Dog Helps Find Missing Toddler in Florida

A police dog working with his handler, like the dog who helped find the missing toddler.
(Photo Credit: jtyler | Getty Images)

Recent events in Florida have sparked admiration for a canine member of the police force. A police dog has been deemed a hero for his role in finding a missing 3-year-old toddler who wandered from his home. Authorities had initiated an extensive search, particularly concentrating on the wooded vicinity surrounding the family’s residence.

Police dog finds missing toddler by following his scent from blanket

The child had gone missing on Friday, Mar. 29, as reported by Fox News. After the child’s family reported him missing from their residence, law enforcement promptly assembled a search team to locate the toddler.

They summoned a K-9 Midnight, who is adept at tracking narcotics and missing individuals. Along with his handler, Cpl. Damon Clark, the dog aided in the search for the lost boy.

Officials reported Midnight successfully detected the child’s scent and trailed it into the wooded area utilizing the child’s blanket.

Midnight and Clark diligently pursued the trail and located the boy in the woods. Fortunately, the child was unharmed and promptly reunited with his family, as confirmed by the department.

Additionally, in a statement, the police commended all teams for their exceptional work. They said, “This is the outcome we hope for in these situations, a safe return!”

Since 2022, Midnight has been an integral part of the DeLand Police Department. He stands alongside numerous other law enforcement K-9s across the nation who have successfully tracked down missing children.

Similarly, a K-9 Ibiza in Auburn, Massachusetts, followed the scent of a missing 12-year-old boy for two miles last month. This led to his discovery despite the frigid temperatures.

Moreover, K-9 Mary Lu from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida played a crucial role in locating a missing 11-year-old girl in January. The child was found inside a locked park bathroom.

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