Can You Find The Polar Bear Among The Ghosts?

Michelle Profis
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Can You Find The Polar Bear Among The Ghosts?
Can You Find The Polar Bear Among The Ghosts?

From Women's Health

We have found an egg among bunnies, a cat among owls, and a panda among snowmen, so why in heaven's name wouldn't we want to find a a polar bear among ghosts?! (That's rhetorical. Don't answer that.)

Artist, mind bender, and children's book author, Gergely Dudás (aka "Dudolf") celebrates Halloween by sharing his masterful puzzles. This one is dedicated to all-white creatures.

Yes, we found the polar bear in about 15 seconds. Yes, we know this one is pretty easy. And yes, we know Halloween is quickly approaching, but these ghosts are pretty cute, and we're always down for a brain teaser, so have at it below:

Surprisingly, there is some science behind how people solve brain teasers and puzzles, according to studies by Lenstore. Women often find the hidden object or creature faster than men do, and both genders are more likely to find it if they exercise often. It takes most people, at most, 45 seconds.

If you found the beautiful Arctic creature, congratulations! If you didn't, that's OK, but here's a clue: Scan the left side of the picture.

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