Podcasters reveal how much money they earned in 2022: ‘It takes time to be great’

A podcasting duo posted how much they earned in 2022, and it was enlightening to industry outsiders.

Not everything is always what it seems on social media. Sometimes it can look like people are living out a fantasy life when, behind the curtain, things couldn’t be more different.

Hosts Emily and Janice co-founded Four Years Later, a podcast about their “unglamorous” lives at 27. After the first year of podcasting, the duo posted a breakdown of their monthly and annual earnings in 2022. Now, people are praising them for being “the realest.”

From January to March, the pair earned $0. Then in April, they lost $341 to purchase mics and setup. The dry spell continued until September, when they spent another $83.03 on a mic boom arm.

In October, they made $36 and in November, an additional $10.81. December saw their highest earnings at $50. However, when all was said in done in 2022, they were in the red at -$327.18.

However, Emily and Janice appeared to be having a blast during the making of the project. People praised the hosts for their transparency and commitment.

“This is the realest post people can see. It takes time to be great,” a user commented.

“This is so real and motivating!!! Thank you for posting this. I almost quit my YouTube channel,” another wrote.

“It goes to show you guys actually have passion for it and aren’t just chasing dollars!” someone added.

“Thank you for not faking the amounts!!! This post is definitely inspiring AF,” a person replied.

“Love the transparency. Keep going. This is very encouraging,’ an Instagrammer said.

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