Podcaster Correctly Predicts Giants-Cowboys Score After Seeing Saquon Barkley’s Pre-Game Outfit

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

A prophetic sports journalist precisely guessed the Giant’s catastrophic loss to the Cowboys last night based entirely on a running back’s pre-show outfit.

Nick Dais, host of the Veterans Minimum sports podcast, took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share a short clip of Giants RB Saquon Barkley arriving at MetLife Stadium before Sunday's game. In the clip, Barkley is wearing a leather jacket that another user uncharitably compared to John Travolta’s look in Grease. “We’re losing by 40 tonight,” Dais captioned the video.

No one, least of all Dais, could have anticipated that New York would go on to suffer an astonishing 40–0 loss against Dallas. It was the biggest shutout loss between the teams in history, topping a 35–0 win for the Cowboys at another season-opener in 1995. Sunday’s game also notched at the biggest shutout victory of all time for the Cowboys, surpassing their 38–0 win over Baltimore’s Colts in 1978.

Those weighing in on Dais’ video were stunned at his spot-on prediction. Scores of commenters offered to cut Dais in if he would provide them next week’s scores, with others requesting he provide lottery numbers to his followers. “This aged too well,” wrote user Clarence Carter Jr.

Apparently, Dais wasn’t the only one who predicted the win. “I saw this before anybody,” Cowboys edge rusher Micah Parsons told reporters after the game. “I said I can’t wait to get to New York. I knew it was coming. With ‘execution meets preparation,’ there is no one that can beat it. We’ve already felt this. We’ve been to war before. We knew the standard.”

Giants head coach Brian Daboll made no excuses for the poor showing. “I’m focused on trying to improve, and there’s a lot to improve,” he admitted. “It’s one game. It wasn’t a good game and I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It was a bad game and it’s on me.”