Playtime is 'no joke' for this pretend-cashier dad: 'Preparing them for the real world'

This dad takes playtime very seriously. He made things come to life when his kids were playing "supermarket," and he hilariously got a little carried away. TikTok mom @michellelynnheart gave her followers a sneak peek at what it's like hanging with dad. "Playing with dad is no joke in our household," the mom wrote in the video caption. The father, his two daughters and toddler son were pretending to be at a supermarket. dad wore an apron, had a full cash register with a conveyor belt and product shelves. But although he was playing, the dad wasn't playing with his bite-sized "customers" . "I'm gonna need you to step away from the cooler," he told his son from behind the register. "Ma'am, are you going to pay or what?" he asked his daughter. "I'm paying! [The credit card] it's in the chipper," the daughter said. "The chipper is not working. You're going to have to swipe it," the father replied. The hilarious TikTok racked up 6 million views and 1.3 million likes. People found it so relatable