How to Play the Newlywed Game and Actually Make It Fun

Whether it’s a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or the wedding itself, coming up with games and activities that won’t make your guests roll their eyes or stare at their phones is no easy feat. Most wedding-related games are overdone at best and lame at worst.

But that's where the Newlywed Game comes in. Sure, it’s been done before. Like, a lot. But there are a ton of ways to mix it up and make it your own, which is where we come in.

Welcome to your end-all-be-all guide to a not-lame version of the Newlywed Game! The quiz game basically centers around how well the to-be-wed couple knows each other which is a) very fun and b) gives you plenty of ammo for future disagreements because how did he not know your favorite drunk food was cheesy fiesta potatoes from Taco Bell, dammit?!

Luckily, even if you’re very uncreative and/or over wedding planning and can't think about your color scheme or first dance song anymore, the premise of this game is super simple. Here's all the deets so you can check "activities to keep guests entertained" off your wedding planning list:

What is the Newlywed Game?

Essentially, the Newlywed Game is simply a quiz game where you and your S.O. answer questions about each other and/or your relationship. Depending on how you want to play and for what sort of event will change up the rules and questions a lil bit, but don’t worry, we’re breaking it all down so you can wow your guests and have future engaged friends begging you for the deets.

When to play the Newlywed Game

The Newlywed Game can be played at pretty much any wedding-related event. The most common ones are bridal showers, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, and even wedding receptions. Since it's pretty simple to adjust based on the venue or event, it's a great option to have in your back pocket for if people get bored or you're just over everyone mingling and want all eyes on you.

How to play the Newlywed Game

Depending on your guest list, event, and vibe, how you'll play could look a little different, but essentially you'll pick a host (like your maid of honor) who will read each question out loud. If you and your partner are playing together, you can answer the questions on the fly. Each of you will simply have a whiteboard, you'll write down your answer as the host asks the question, and show the answer when they call for it.

If you're not playing together, your host can send the questions to your partner ahead of the event, and you'll be guessing their answers. Just don't cheat and talk about the questions or answers ahead of time because it makes things way less fun.

And that's pretty much it! Check out the adaptions below, as well as some sample questions, and feel free to incorporate some of your own the further customize your celebration.

45 Newlywed Game questions

While these questions can be used at any of the events, you'll probably want to keep the sex-related ones for your bachelorette party, while the more tame ones can be used amongst mixed company. Also, depending on how much time you have, you might want to stick with yes/no questions as opposed to ones that take more thought. Here are a few ideas:

For a bridal shower

Assuming your spouse isn't attending your bridal shower, the host should send these questions to your S.O. ahead of time. Have them answer for themselves, and you try to guess what they said.

You can either say the answers or write them down on a whiteboard, whichever feels more you. Also, hi, these ones are kinda tame because your grams doesn't need to know about your sex life, right?

  1. What's the weirdest gift your spouse has ever given to you?

  2. What are your pet names for each other?

  3. What was your partner wearing when you first met? What were you wearing?

  4. Where was your first date?

  5. What three words would your partner use to describe you?

  6. Describe your partner in three words.

  7. Where was your first kiss as a couple?

  8. Who spends more time in the shower?

  9. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

  10. When and where did you first realize you were in love?

  11. If the bride could be famous for anything, what would it be?

  12. Who's more likely to fake sick and take off work?

  13. How many kids do you want to have?

  14. What's one movie your partner could watch over and over?

  15. What's your partner's most random talent?

For a wedding reception or engagement party

If you and your partner are playing together, answering yes/no questions is much less complicated than trying to think of more in-depth answers.

Each of you should sit in chairs back to back. Take off your shoes and exchange one, so you're both holding one of your own shoes and one of your partner's. When the host asks a question, raise your shoe if you're voting for yourself or your partner's if you're voting for them. And yes, if you hate the idea of taking off your shoes, you can use any type of marker to indicate each other, so feel free to skip the toe show if you want.

  1. Who's a better kisser?

  2. Who's the better cook?

  3. Who's more likely to order takeout even when the fridge is full?

  4. Who's the better driver?

  5. Who *thinks* they're the better driver?

  6. Who's the tidiest?

  7. Who's funnier?

  8. It's movie night—who's picking the flick?

  9. Who's got the better dance moves?

  10. Who's more likely to make the bed?

  11. Who's less likely to share their dessert?

  12. Who's the better listener?

  13. Who's the best gift giver?

  14. Who has the worst handwriting?

  15. Who said “I love you” first?

For a bachelorette party

If you're playing this game at a bachelorette party, literally no one cares who the better driver is. This is the time to get dirty, so ask more raunchy questions. Have your host send the questions to your S.O. ahead of time, and during the party, try to guess their answers.

A fun variation of this is that if you get the question right, your guests have to take a sip of their drinks. If you get it wrong, you have to take a drink. Cheers!

  1. What is the strangest place you've had sex together?

  2. If you were to role-play, what would you each be?

  3. How many dates did you go on before you hooked up?

  4. Which one of you is kinkier in the bedroom?

  5. If you both had to agree on a third person to add in the bedroom, who would it be?

  6. What are your pet names for each other's genitals?

  7. What's your funniest sex mishap together?

  8. Who's more dominant in the bedroom?

  9. Are you more likely to have sleepy sex or hungover sex?

  10. What's your go-to position for when you have to get things done fast?

  11. What about your overall favorite position as a couple?

  12. Are you more likely to use handcuffs or a vibrator in the bedroom?

  13. Who's gonna want to cuddle longer after you finish?

  14. Who's louder in the bedroom?

  15. Who's your celebrity hall pass? Who's theirs?

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