Plan for Summer Now With the Perfect Inflatable Pool

Turn your backyard into a fun zone with one of these 20 cool inflatable pools.

There's one place everyone wants to be during the hot summer months: the pool. If you don't have the space, time or budget for a permanent built-in pool, there are plenty of inflatable pools out there so you can still take a dip. Skip the hassle of finding an open chair at the public pool and stop crashing your neighbor or best friend's pool. You can invest in your own convenient blown-up pool! Inflatable pools are the perfect way to cool down and relax in your backyard or patio, plus they're also a great excuse to throw a fun backyard bash with family and friends.

We've found the 20 best inflatable pools of 2023 to help you enjoy your time outside and kick back this summer. From chic lounge pools for adults to cute inflatable options for kids, there's something for everyone. So turn up the summer fun for the family and scroll down to discover your new favorite inflatable pool.

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Best Inflatable Pools

1. Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool, $49.99 at Kohl's

Listed as a best-seller at Kohl's, this inflatable pool by Intex is 120" X 72" X 22" so it's big enough for the family to enjoy together and spend some quality time. It also comes with a drain plug and repair patch for your convenience! Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool, $49.99 at Kohl's

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2. FUNBOY Tie Dye Splash Pool, Originally $59, Now $36 at REVOLVE

An awesome option for all ages, this fun printed inflatable pool by FUNBOY is made of high-quality vinyl. It rapidly inflates so there is minimal setup time and you can get your summer party started ASAP. You deflate it just as quickly and can store it away in the garage once summer is over. FUNBOY Tie Dye Splash Pool, Originally $59, Now $36 at REVOLVE

3. Intex Family Lounge Pool, $39.70 on Amazon

Mom and dad can comfortably lounge on this built-in bench with the Intex Family Lounge Pool at Amazon for under $40. It has wide inflatable sidewalls that are designed using two air chambers. It also has two cup holders so you can enjoy your cool beverages or cocktails! Intex Family Lounge Pool, $39.70 on Amazon

4. Intex Kids Inflatable Candy Zone Swim Play Center Pool, $59.49 at Walmart

Come on, you know your kids will go crazy when they see this Inflatable Candy Zone Swim Play Center. It has an adorable built-in water slide, two inflatable lollipops and side rails for games. Intex Kids Inflatable Candy Zone Swim Play Center Pool, $59.49 at Walmart

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5. The Pool Greek Eye, $42 at Sunnylife

If you're renting a shore house or going on vacation, pack this inflatable pool that's in the shape of a trendy Greek eye and elevate your stay. With azure blue Grecian vibes, this pool will automatically put you in summer mode. The Pool Greek Eye, $42 at Sunnylife

6. FUNBOY Heart-Shaped Pool, $99 on Amazon

This inflatable pool screams bachelorette vibes to me! Or if you're a girly girl like me and love pink, you can already picture yourself taking Instagram selfies in this heart pool. FUNBOY Heart-Shaped Pool, $99 on Amazon

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7. Family Lounge Inflatable Pool, $67.99 on Amazon

Invite the co-workers over after work and wind down in your inflatable pool that includes four seats with backrests. It also has two bonus built-in cupholders so you can host your own backyard happy hour! Family Lounge Inflatable Pool, $67.99 on Amazon

8. FUNBOY Malibu Barbie Pool, Originally $59, Now $36.99 at REVOLVE

This cute pool is perfect for Barbie fans! It looks like it fits right in with Barbie's house...except that it's life-sized! FUNBOY Malibu Barbie Pool, Originally $59, Now $36.99 at REVOLVE

9. Minnidip The Amalfi Luxe Inflatable Pool, $70 at Maisonette

Get your backyard an upscale inflatable pool with this modern Italian tile patchwork option. The design is inspired by the Amalfi Coast, so you know it will enhance your backyard. This blue, yellow and white pool can fit up to 2-3 adults and is made of heavyweight soft-touch PVC material so it has a super nice texture to it. Minnidip The Amalfi Luxe Inflatable Pool, $70 at Maisonette

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10. Intex Swim Center Inflatable Above Ground Pool (2-Pack), Originally $249.99, Now $79.48 at Wayfair

Head on over to Wayfair and scope out your new favorite inflatable pool for your kiddos. For $79.48 you get a two-pack of pools, and your kids can have side-by-side pool parties with their buddies. Intex Swim Center Inflatable Above Ground Pool (2-Pack), Originally $249.99, Now $79.48 at Wayfair

11. 3D Transparent Quick Set Above Ground Pool with 2 Pairs of 3D Goggles, $61.99 at Walmart

This 8-foot pool has a fun ocean floor bottom. It has a unique feature that allows it to inflate and fill very quickly. It can accomodate four people. We love the fact that it's transparent, which just adds to the fun. Plus, it comes with two pairs of 3D goggles. 3D Transparent Quick Set Above Ground Pool with 2 Pairs of 3D Goggles, $61.99 at Walmart

12. Intex Fun 'N Fruity Outdoor Inflatable Kiddie Pool Play Center with Water Slide, $95.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

This fun outdoor play center is perfect for kids of all ages! It has a lot of fun features, and it's appearance screams summer! Intex Fun 'N Fruity Outdoor Inflatable Kiddie Pool Play Center with Water Slide, $95.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

13. Intex PureSpa 4-Person Outdoor Inflatable Heated Round Hot Tub with 120 Bubble Jets, $629.99 on Amazon

If you're looking to go all out this summer, you should splurge on this insane inflatable heated round hot tub spa.This bad boy has a built-in heat pump and a whopping 120 bubble jets! "Worth every penny" explains a 5-star reviewer. "Easy set up, no leaks, no issues." Intex PureSpa 4-Person Outdoor Inflatable Heated Round Hot Tub with 120 Bubble Jets, $629.99 on Amazon

14. Above Ground Pool with Pool Cover, $129.99 on Amazon

With the quick inflate and fill option, you'll be floating in no time. This pool is made of a durable material that resists fading. It comes with a pool cover to help keep your water clean. Above Ground Pool with Pool Cover, $129.99 on Amazon

15. Swim Center Inflatable Ocean Side Swimming Pool, $36.87 at Home Depot

This fun ocean-themed pool is perfect for summer outdoor play. It holds up to 12 inches of water. There is a drain in the bottom of the pool for easy water removal.Swim Center Inflatable Ocean Side Swimming Pool, $36.87 at Home Depot

16. Oxsami Inflatable Pool, $59.99 on Amazon

This blow up pool features a built-in kid sprinkler where water squirts out of the whale's tail. Not your typical boring kiddie pool! The Oxsaml Kiddie Pool is a favorite for families and it has an average of 4.3/5-stars on Amazon. Plus, we love the dolphins!  Oxsami Inflatable Pool, $59.99 on Amazon

17. Pool Buoy Round Inflatable Pool with Storage Bag, $119 on Amazon

This multi-color speckled inflatable pool is suitable for adults or kids. It comes with a convenient storage bag to easily stow it away. It holds plenty of water and works with a standard electric inflator pump or hand pump. It's perfect for at home or on the go. Pool Buoy Round Inflatable Pool with Storage Bag, $119 on Amazon

18. INTEX Sun Shade Pool, $26.99 on Amazon

This inflatable pool has a removable shade top to protect your children from getting too much sun. Its whimsical sea animal design along the base makes this inflatable pool even more unique. With dimensions of 62" x 62" x 48," there's enough room for you to pop in the pool with your kid. INTEX Sun Shade Pool, $26.99 on Amazon

19. Inflatable Family Swimming Pool, $54.99 on Amazon

This multi-layer pool resists damage due to its unique design and durable construction. The size can accommodate several people. It can be inflated quickly in about 3-4 minutes. Inflatable Family Swimming Pool, $54.99 on Amazon

20. Inflatable Canopy Swimming Pool, $195 on Amazon

This pool can automatically inflate in minutes. It features a canopy that is UPF50+, so you can enjoy the water and avoid the sun's harsh rays. The canopy is removable, depending upon your preferences. Inflatable Canopy Swimming Pool, $195 on Amazon

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Inflatable Pool

Size & Shape

Figuring out the right size of your blow-up pool is the most important factor when it comes to your decision. If you have a bigger, spacious backyard, a larger inflatable pool is an option for you. At their largest size, inflatable pools typically can be as wide as 13 feet (or more) and around 4 feet deep. When it comes to shape, blow-up pools come in standard circular shapes and rectangular shapes, as well as more unique trendy designs like heart-shaped. Plus, there are smaller and shallow kiddie blow-up pools that are usually circular and a few feet in diameter. Activity water play centers are becoming more popular for children and they come in a ton of irregular shapes and designs. The most important thing to do is measure your backyard space to ensure your inflatable pool can fit nicely.


Inflatable swimming pools are typically made of a thick, puncture-resistant vinyl material that helps to form an airtight seal. If you're looking for a large inflatable above-ground pool for your yard, these have a thicker laminated PVC material on the sidewalls to better hold the gallons of water.


Inflatable swimming pools are all about fun, but safety should be a priority. If you're a parent with toddlers, you should always have a cell phone close by the inflatable pool in case of an unexpected emergency. It's imperative you tell your kids the rules of the pool which are no diving, jumping and running to prevent accidents. If you have a kiddie pool or baby pool, it's smart to turn them upside down and empty them after each use to prevent drowning or choking accidents.


You need to make sure the water in your inflatable pool is always clean to ensure safety. The easiest way is to purchase a pool skimmer to scoop out leaves, bugs and debris. If you have a larger inflatable pool, you can invest in a pool vacuum or water filter to guarantee your pool water is fresh. Another useful tip is to purchase a pool cover for off-hours when you're not using your inflatable pool.


The best part about being an inflatable pool owner is that the setup is much easier compared to permanent pools. First off, make sure the location you choose for your blow-up pool is leveled and grounded. It's a smart idea to lay down a tarp on the ground beneath the inflatable pool's location before your fill it up with water. A tarp serves as a protective layer for the pool's vinyl bottom lining and avoids sharp objects like rocks and sticks from piercing the material, causing an unwanted leak. When you're ready to blow up your inflatable pool, do not physically blow it up yourself because it can cause dizziness (and will take way too long!). An air compressor is worth purchasing to speed up the inflation process. Some inflatable pools come with an air pump as well so make sure you read the product description closely. Once you fill up your blow-up pool with air, make sure you secure the air valves tightly. Then, grab your hose and start filling it up! Inflatable pools can take are little as one hour or as long as one day to fill up with water depending on the size. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s manual and setup guide for detailed directions.

FAQs About Inflatable Pools

How do I keep the inflatable pool water clean?

You can always drain your pool water or if it's a smaller inflatable pool, toss it over and replenish it with fresh hose water. But if you choose to add chlorine, there is another step of pool maintenance. For sanitary purposes, monitor the pH levels and chlorine levels on a daily basis with test strips. Chlorine assists in the sanitization process of the pool water, the pH levels determine the feel of the water (if it's too acidic it can provoke irritation on your skin). Experts in the pool industry recommend 1 to 3 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine. It's a smart idea to consult a professional before adding chlorine in your inflatable pool water since it's a strong chemical.

How often should I change the water in an inflatable pool?

In general, inflatable pool water should be changed once every two weeks. If you are not adding chlorine to kill bacteria and just using water from your garden hose, the pool water should be drained once every two days.

How long do inflatable pools last?

Inflatable pools tend to last anywhere from two to five years. It all depends on how well the inflatable pool owner maintains their pool and how often the family is using their pool. The blow up pool's type, material, and size are three other factors that determine its longevity.

How do you properly store away an inflatable pool?

First, you have to drain the water out completely. Once you've dumped out all of the water, it's smart to use a towel to wipe down any residue. This will prevent mold and unwanted residue when you pack up your inflatable pool. Next, you have to deflate the blow-up pool entirely. Open the valves, and have a friend or family member squeeze the sides to expedite the deflation process. Next, fold up the inflatable pool the same way as if you were folding a set of sheets. Some inflatable pools come with a pouch or protective sleeve to store it away nicely. If not, it's smart to place the deflated pool in a protective bag so it stays safe and doesn't get damaged. Store it in your garage and it will be ready for next summer!

What is the best feature to look for in an inflatable pool?

Some inflatable pools come with a built-in water-filtration pump that helps keep the pool water clean...this is key! If you're looking for an inflatable pool and see it has a water-filtration feature, it would be a smart choice to get it.

What accessories do inflatable pools have?

You have many options for fun accessories in the inflatable pool department. Some blow-up pools come with blow-up benches and seats built into the sidewalls, and they also have comfortable headrests. Inflatable pools also can have features included like a cover or pool ladder if it's on the bigger side. There are kiddie pools and water play centers that come with fun built-in slides, sprinklers, and more! The small kiddie pools tend not to have a drain plug because they're small in size, but most above-ground inflatable pools usually have a convenient drain plug.

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