Pizza Hut's new menu item is literally just a ring of stuffed crust

Pizza Hut’s new menu item is turning some heads. That’s because the limited-edition offering, which debuted on Jan. 5, isn’t a pizza at all. It’s literally just a ring of stuffed crust. The “Nothing But Stuffed Crust” pizza is exactly what it sounds like. As of now, it's only available in Dallas and Los Angeles. Customers in those cities can get the promotional dish by making a purchase of $10 or more, according to Hypebeast. Pizza Hut fans had plenty of thoughts about the new item, despite the fact that many won’t get the chance to try it. Some were confused as to why the pizzaless crust existed. “How do you even eat that thing, do you cut it up like a pizza or just bite into it?” one Twitter user asked. Others, meanwhile, praised Pizza Hut for the “awesome” idea. “ABOUT TIME,” one person said. The “Nothing But Stuffed Crust” pizza will be available through Jan. 7