Pizza Hut's Detroit-Style Pizza Is Back By Popular Demand

Photo credit: Pizza Hut
Photo credit: Pizza Hut

The argument always seems to be Chicago vs. New York-style pizza. What is better? The deep-dish pie or the thin and crispy giant slice? In this debate, Detroit-style pizza is overlooked. The thick, square slices with little curled cups of pepperoni and a crunchy bottom are iconic and delicious. But now, you don’t have to travel to Motor City to get your hands on a slice (or a whole pie).

Detroit-style pizza is back at Pizza Hut for a limited time. Starting tomorrow, August 25, everyone can get a rectangle pie and customize it with up to five toppings. The cheese goes all the way to the crust, creating a caramelized crisp topped with a tomato sauce.

The pizza first debuted in early 2021 to huge success. It sold out in two weeks and spiked web searches for "Detroit-style." Per Pizza Hut, the final recipe took 500 iterations, including testing out eight different versions of the sauce, before landing on the perfect one.

On top of the “create your own” version, Pizza Hut also has three other original offerings. The Double Pepperoni comes with 32 slices of regular pepperoni and 48 slices of crispy cupped pepperoni. The Meaty Deluxe is topped with bacon, Italian sausage, and more cupped pepperoni. And the Supremo has Italian sausage, red onions, and green bell peppers.

The Detroit-style pizza will be available starting tomorrow to everyone at locations nationwide. But if you are a Hut Rewards member, you can try it starting today. If you do, make sure to let us know what you think.

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