Pizza Hut Is Extending Its Hours in a Bid to Become Your Go-To Late-Night Spot

Now you can satisfy that pizza craving even later.

If you've ever craved a stuffed crust pizza or a Big New Yorker at exactly the same time your local Pizza Hut turned its lights off and closed for the night, you — and your stomach — are in luck. The Texas-based pizza chain has recently extended its hours at "thousands of Pizza Hut locations nationwide," meaning they'll be taking orders until at least midnight, if not 2 a.m.

According to Pizza Hut's website, the menu at any of its restaurants with newly extended hours will include its regularly available pizzas, wings, and desserts, and all orders will be available for delivery or for carry-out. There is no extra charge for late-night orders, and the pie-giant recommends checking the Pizza Hut Deals page for your local 'Hut to see if it is offering any Late Night Specials.

<p>Steve Parsons / PA Images via Getty Images</p>

Steve Parsons / PA Images via Getty Images

"We saw a clear need from our guests to satisfy their cravings for Pizza Hut late at night. So, we decided to meet them where they are by keeping our doors open longer," Chequan Lewis, the chief operating officer of Pizza Hut U.S., said in a statement. "We're excited to provide our full menu for delivery or carryout well into the late hours, making it more convenient than ever to enjoy Pizza Hut, no matter the time."

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Pizza Hut added that its decision to extend its hours was an opportunity to feed Gen Z, as “the younger generation” — the Hut’s words — prefer having later meals than their older counterparts. That tracks with Chipotle’s recent choice to keep 53 of its restaurants open until midnight on Halloween. (The company says that those 53 locations are in the college towns that consistently eat the most Chipotle.)

Chipotle surveyed its customers and discovered that 81% of its regulars between the ages of 18 and 26 would like the restaurants to stay open until midnight. And, in keeping with its extended Boorito-related hours, it also said that for the past two years, its restaurants had a 30% increase in sales after 8 p.m. on Halloween night.

That’s great news for anyone — of any age — who wants a late-night Carne Asada bowl after leaving a Halloween party, and for anyone who straight up needs a large pizza at 1 a.m. Plus, the best part of pizza right before bed means there might be pizza left over for breakfast. 

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