Pit Bull's Precious Reaction to Dad Coming Home for Lunch Is a Timeline Cleanse

For dog owners who work outside of the home, coming home after a shift can be the best part of the day. Seeing a beloved pup so excited when their favorite people come home is just so special. For some, though, this after-work time just isn't enough.

That's why @harveytherescue's dad decided to come home for lunch every day once he returned to working in-office. It was a difficult adjustment for the affectionate Pit Bull, but their new schedule seems to be working perfectly.

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Aww! Watching Harvey cuddled up with his dad is just heartwarming, but our favorite moment was watching the sweet pup get so excited as his dad walks up to the yard. We bet Mom is smiling behind the camera, too!

"The way we turn our lives upside for these animals is the only way to live," wrote commenter @danialexandriamusic. "They are everything." They are! A pet's love can change anyone's life for the better, and we can tell that Harvey's paw-rents are feeling the love.

Making small schedule adjustments--like spending your lunch hour at home instead of out and about--can make a world of difference for a pet who might be missing you. Even if your dog doesn't have separation anxiety, a little bit of extra time together can strengthen your bond in ways you wouldn't imagine.

For Harvey and his dad, couch cuddles are the way to go during this extra time. You could do just about anything with your furry friend--like going for a walk or practicing obedience training--so don't let yourself feel limited just because you have a short amount of time together.

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