Pit Bull's Kind Gesture Toward New Rescue Kitten Is Touching Everyone's Hearts

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What an absolute sweetheart this dog is.

Can you believe there are people out there who actually think Pit Bulls are scary? It's so sad that there's this misconception out there, but we think one woman on TikTok is disproving all the haters with a single video of her adorable Pittie. 

Little Honey Rose is the gentlest girl, as her mama regularly shows on her TikTok page @honeyrosethepit. She wouldn't hurt a fly! But there are definitely people out there who think Pit Bulls are dangerous. Take a look at this video of Honey Rose having a snuggle with a kitten and then tell us if you really believe she could be anything but sweet as pie. 

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"Do you have a baby?" Honey Rose's mama asks her in the footage. Not only is the Pit Bull so careful with the tiny cat, she even brings over a toy! "My ScArY Pit Bull bringing the new rescue baby a toy and all the kisses," the video's caption reads. 

The comments section could tell that Honey Rose was a good girl. "What a sweet baby! You can see the love, happiness and care in their eyes," @jstan03 wrote. "I've never met a mean Pit Bull. And I've met a lot of 'em lol. What a sweet baby," @christinaasbury17 praised. "I always tell people the only thing aggressive about my baby is his love. Absolutely precious baby you got there," @snoopygirl1125 gushed. "Lol that's HIS baby.... Our oldest dog was this way whenever we got our newest kitten. He's convinced we got the kitten for him," @NotLondonRayne chimed in. 

See? Nothing but love coming from this Pit Bull.