Pit Bull's Elated Reaction to Being Thrown a Birthday Party Is Pure Internet Gold

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The look on this dog's face is one of pure joy.

You know what's better than a regular birthday party? A dog's birthday party! That's right, your best bud also deserves a celebration on their big day. And we can't help but smile at video of one pup's major birthday blow-out that's gone viral on TikTok. BRB, going to go plan our dog's birthday party ASAP.

As the dog mama to four dogs, we're sure that TikTok creator Brittany Marlin (@thepuplifeof4) is used to a little chaos. So why wouldn't she throw the biggest bash for her Pit Bull? The footage shows a crowd of friends and loved ones singing "Happy Birthday" to the pup, who was wearing his special birthday hat. He even had a cake! The look on his face is absolutely priceless. We don't think we've ever seen a happier dog. See for yourself!

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"When your dog has a bigger birthday party than any of you or your friends ever had," the caption reads.

With over 270,000 views, it seems like so many people online wanted to celebrate the pup's birthday too. "Makes my heart so happy," @vikingfan2007 wrote in the comments section. "This all for me??? as he looks around," @jaderade777 joked. "He looks so fudging happy and grateful I can’t," @nikolaipenne33 praised. "Omg that’s a full blown PARTY and I love it!!!" @m82874929 gushed. 

Later in the thread, the dog owner explained that this wasn't the first time they did it big for the pup — but he totally deserves it. "He’s a rescue and since we adopted him, he’s been nothing but spoiled," she wrote. 

But if you ask us, there's no such thing a spoiled dog. Happy birthday!