Pit Bull Dumped for Having 'Too Much Energy' Got the Most Beautiful Second Chance at Life

The death of a beloved dog is one of the hardest things any pet parent can go through. Even though that pain never goes away completely, in time you'll find yourself remembering all the wonderful times you shared with your pup and the utter joy they brought to your life.

That's what the TikTok account for @Ataleof2pitties does in this sweet video sharing some memories of her beloved Pit Bull Hurley. Just watch the following and see this amazing rescue pup do a deep dive in the pool!

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Hurley's sweet owner posts, "I believe that when you get a dog, it’s an agreement to love and care for him for his whole life- but I’m grateful that this person surrendered our angel because Hurley changed MY life. We had 3 years with Hurley and you better believe we gave him everything he needed, wanted and more. We lost him to lymphma very young but he made a huge impact on the whole world in his few years. Rescue dogs for life."

TikTok users are so touched by the life of Hurley and @Brianna comments, "Dumped for his energy.. thanks for giving this boy his best life." @Rex adds, "People need to understand they need dogs that fit their lifestyle. Thank you for giving him such a beautiful active life." @Jamil says, "I'm so sorry for your loss but grateful he had you to show him love and life." @Dixie replies, "Literally the best breed ever my girl was dumped as a puppy and I’m so thankful she’s mine now. Can’t imagine life without her."

We loved that Hurley had the chance to know the unconditional love that every dog deserves.

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