The Pioneer Woman's New Glass Canisters Are Here to Beautify Your Pantry

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Photo credit: Walmart
Photo credit: Walmart

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For Ree Drummond, having a well-stocked pantry is a must. "I try my best to structure things so that I have a stockpile of basic essentials that I buy in bulk once, twice, three times a year," she says.

But even the most organized among us could use a little encouragement to get started on our pantry-stocking journeys—namely, cute, visually pleasing accessories and organizational tools.

Well, leave it to Ree to make sure we've got all the motivation we could need! With today's release of The Pioneer Woman Cassie Glass Canisters at Walmart, our pantries are about to get a lot tidier and a lot prettier...all at once.

These stunning canisters come in three just-right sizes, and are perfect for storing coffee, grains, sugar, and other pantry staples. They're equal parts stylish and accessible, featuring the prettiest teal or rose-colored glass (your choice!) embossed with Ree's signature "Cassie" pattern. There's a silicone seal around the top of each lid to ensure airtight storage, too—all the better for keeping your food fresh longer.

Of course, the pantry is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to genius uses for these lovely-looking vessels. Organize cotton balls in your bathroom, keep craft supplies safe, or house cleaning supplies like detergent and dishwasher pods...the options are endless.

Our favorite idea? Use them as cookie jars and showcase them proudly on your kitchen countertops! After all, with canisters as pretty as these, you're going to want to keep them in plain sight at all times.