‘Pinterest grandpa’ decorates all day in the rain for 1st granddaughter’s homecoming

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This “Pinterest grandpa” decorated all day in the rain for his first grandchild’s homecoming, and viewers can’t take it!

TikTok account Some Good News (@somegoodnewsofficial) is a news outlet created by actor, John Krasinski dedicated to good news only. A particularly sweet video shared on their TikTok account features a first-time grandpa decorating the house for his granddaughter’s homecoming, and it’s beyond touching.

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The precious clip features a montage of a grandpa meticulously decorating around the house as audio of his daughter’s description plays over the footage.

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“My dad became a first-time grandparent,” his daughter narrates over shots of her father carefully hanging a small string banner with the name Lily written on it on the nursery’s door.

“He couldn’t go to the hospital to meet her. So even in the rain, we spent the whole day decorating,” she notes during footage of her father hanging a colorful “Welcome Home Lily” banner over their garage, followed by chains of paper flowers on the front door of the house.

The clip cuts to a shot of the home’s entryway, which he decorated with a vase of pink flowers on each side of the front stoop.

“He wanted the space to feel so welcoming,” the new mom’s narration gushes over a clip featuring an assortment of goodies for mom and dad, including candy and a blue mug with the words “Super Mama” printed on it.

“You’ve heard of ‘Pinterest moms,’ but have you heard of ‘Pinterest grandpa?’” she jokingly asks over a shot of her father drawing block letters on each flag for the welcome banner.

The final shot features footage of her father, whose palpable enthusiasm radiates through the camera. “How are you doing, dad?” she asks, to which her father responds with the cutest little jig, “Very excited!”

Hearts all over TikTok were melting at the wholesome video.

“This was so wholesome. I’m crying so hard. We don’t deserve such greatness,” remarked one TikToker.

“His little excited move at the end,” gushed one user.

“I lost my dad a year before I had my first child. This had me bawling,” one mom shared.

Going from parent to grandparent is a life-changing experience, and if this adorable video is any indicator, baby Lily will grow up surrounded by lots of love.

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