Pink Shared A Sweet Ode to 'Awful, Wonderful' Marriage to Carey Hart on Instagram

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If there’s one thing Pink has been super upfront about in her marriage to Carey Hart, it’s that the two benefit from couple’s counseling. In a world where we’re encouraged to present a spit-shined depiction of relationships (matching sweaters, apple picking, Magnolia-looking Pinterest vibes), it helps to have reminders that great relationships and great loves take a whole lot of work to be that great. And, when you put in that work, you get to reap the rewards.

In a sweet instagram post on Monday, Pink shared a photo of her and Carey mid-embrace with a message about their marriage journey — and it’ll totally melt even the iciest heart.

“He’s still my favorite sweet little dirtball,” Pink wrote, of her husband (who she’s been with for 17 years, married for 14). “He and I have been at this a long time, and it is our relentless and stubborn idealism that keeps us together.”


But because the singer is nothing if not real about family and life being hard (but worth it), she also laid down some beautiful complicated truths about marriage: “Marriage is awful, wonderful, comfort and rage. It is boring, terrifying, and a total nail biter. It is loving another fallible creature while trying to love yourself. It is a lifetime of coming back to the table. People laugh at us because we’re either fighting or laughing. They roll their eyes when we talk about therapy. But I’ll tell you what. It’s worth it. All of it. Even when it isn’t.” (MY HEART!)

And she reminds us all that the two of them putting in that work together — through therapy and through trying to really understand each other’s baggage and experiences with love, patience and compassion — is a foundational part of their relationship lasting so long and being as strong as it is.

“Therapy isn’t for weak people or hippies or liberals. It’s for broken people that want to be whole. It’s for runaways that want a family,” she said. “It’s a lesson on how to sit down and listen. How to love yourself so that the other person can, too. I love you babe. I’m grateful we made it to this photo.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go scroll through their instagrams and feel unbearably soft for the next few hours. Hold my calls.

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