Pink-Haired Waitress Told Tips Are ‘for Normal Looking People’


Not normal? Sign us up if this is what that looks like. (Photo: Facebook/taelorbeeck)

Taelor Beeck, a popular waitress at Zombie Burger in Des Moines, Iowa, was closing out her shift on Tuesday night when she spotted a note on one of her receipts. It read: “Tips are only for normal looking people.” On a bill worth $17.26, the tip line was crossed out and no extra money was left.

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Not tipping is not OK at restaurants that allow gratuities — and not tipping based on hair color preference is never OK.

Beeck posted a photo of the receipt to her Facebook page and wrote, “Shout out to this girl for stiffing me cuz I look like a weirdo — hope she feels better about herself.”


Photo: Facebook/taelorbeeck

Known for its eccentric undead-themed decor, Zombie Burger and its parent company, Orchestrate Hospitality, stood behind Beeck’s right to rock her totally on-trend pink hair, spokesman Chris Diebel told the Des Moines Register.

“Zombie Burger is a place that celebrates individuality, and we think the vast majority of our customers like the fact that everybody there is unique,” Diebel said. “It is a real shame that someone would do this to a person in the service industry. We stand behind our staff and the fact that they celebrate who they are because that is at the core of Zombie Burger’s mission and a large part of what makes that environment special.”

Beeck told her local news that she was going to keep her pink hair and individual style and says this to the customer who didn’t tip her: “I would definitely tell them not to judge someone based on what they look like. I may look like a weirdo, but I’m actually a very nice, decent person.”

And while this might be through the lens of a beauty editor, pink hair isn’t exactly unheard-of in 2016. Celebrities as varied as Gwen Stefani, Kaley Cuoco, Helen Mirren, Rita Ora, and Kelly Ripa have done versions of pink over the past few years, and this mom dyed her hair pink to celebrate her confidence. And we can’t forget the police officer who dyed his hair pink to help fight homophobia and bullying.

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