Pilot alleges Airbnb was broken into by someone who knew front door code: 'That is so scary'

An Airbnb guest claimed that someone robbed the rental she was using in Dallas by using the keypad lock on the front door.

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As traveling starts to pick up again after the peak of the pandemic, people have been sharing the safety lessons they’ve learned from using apps like Airbnb and VRBO. Recently a group that rented a house in Austin for a bachelorette party felt so suspicious about certain things throughout the house they left in the middle of the night to go to a hotel instead. Another group of friends claimed they felt unsafe after the host allegedly didn’t tell them a stranger was renting out the garage during their stay.

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This situation was filmed by TikTok user Sylvia (@sylpal), a pilot who documents her travels on TikTok. But in a recent upload, Sylvia shared the dark side of traveling and using home rental apps like Airbnb.

“Our Airbnb just got robbed,” she alleged in the video. “They stole my bag, my iPad, anything that I had that was valuable.”

Sylvia filmed the now empty closet which she claimed used to be filled with her clothes.

“They took everything,” she said, audibly upset. “They took my f****** makeup and everything, they didn’t leave anything.”

Sylvia seemed most distraught over her missing logbook — which, for pilots, is a diary of her training, career and all of her flights.

Whoever allegedly broke in also moved some things around. Sylvia noticed that there was a box of aluminum foil that she knew she’d left in the kitchen now on the table by the front door, along with a box of plastic gloves that she hadn’t seen before.

“The entire place was destroyed,” she said. “We did not leave it like that.”

The biggest clue as to how the person broke in was the keypad lock on the front door. The case covering the top part of the lock was ripped off and Sylvia found it on the couch in the Airbnb’s living room.

Sylvia also used her phone to track her missing iPad and noticed that it was last tracked several hours prior north of where the Airbnb was. Her Airpods were last tracked in the opposite direction, slightly south of the Airbnb’s location.

“We did file a police report with Dallas PD, but if they don’t get a lead we will unfortunately not be seeing our stuff back,” she said.

Sylvia also claimed that Dallas PD did not suspect it was a forced break-in, despite the keypad being broken apart. Instead, she said that the police thought it was someone who knew the code.

“Airbnb hosts aren’t required to change the keypad access codes after each rental!!” Sylvia wrote in the TikTok’s caption. “Be careful booking with them.”

In regards to that claim, an Airbnb representative told In The Know that "that allegation is not true. Our policies require secure key exchanges, including with regards to changing lockbox codes."

Airbnb also said the company is "actively supporting both the guest and the Host."

“Unfortunately locals also know which houses are Airbnbs and will plot on those houses,” one commenter suggested in the TikTok comments.

“That is so scary!” another person wrote. “I think I still prefer hotels — I feel safer with people around and the lobby. I’m sorry this happened to you.”

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