Pillsbury’s New Funfetti Blondie Mix Blends Vanilla And Colorful Sprinkles, So Let’s Start Baking

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick

From Delish

Pillsbury’s Funfetti comes in a range of sweet products, including cake mix, brownie mix, and sugar cookie mix. Those colorful bits just make everything better, you know? The latest addition to the lineup is Funfetti Blondie Mix, and something tells us we’ll definitely be baking this weekend.

Think of blondie bars as the lighter version of brownies. They don’t have the chocolate element that gives it that fudgy taste and color, but blondies do have brown sugar that gives it its recognizable flavor. The new Funfetti Blondie Mix is described as “a festive blend of vanilla and colorful sprinkles.” It comes with candy-coated chips for a colorful flair.

Instagram account @familyfooddude found the baking mix at Publix, but we’re hoping it’ll start popping up in more stores nationwide soon. The 19.4-ounce box makes enough batter for a 13-by-9-inch pan, so you’re going to have a whole lot of blondies to get you through the week.

If there’s anything we learned from Pillsbury using its Funfetti inspiration in so many treats, it’s that you can add rainbow sprinkles and colorful chips to just about any baked good to make it better.

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