Pig Asking His Mom to 'Sing for Him' Is Pure Internet Gold

With such an amazing voice, we'd ask her to sing, too!

Merlin the pig is his mom's biggest fan, and he's ready to prove it in one of the duo's recent viral videos. As his doting mum, @mina.alali, prepares something in the kitchen, the adorable pet pig approaches his 'talking' buttons, and asks her to 'sing for him.' What happens next will have you smiling from ear to ear!

Not only were we floored by Mina's incredible voice, but we were impressed by Merlin's use of the buttons, too. He's such a smart, encouraging, musical boy!

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Our hearts are just melting at this little piggy's reaction! Just as @meganjenksphoto quoted in the comment section, "His encouragement" was just the sweetest thing. We love how she got more and more into her performance as he kept praising it!

"People don’t realize how much pigs love music," shared @talking_tiara. "I named my one pig after a song so she can hear her name sung!" Aww, that's too cute! Merlin is definitely getting his fair share of music, too--and we think he loves it.

Aside from Mina's incredible pipes and Merlin's adorable reaction, tons of viewers were still baffled by a pig living in the house. @Jimmythebrinks asked, "what kind of dog is it?"

"2023 Porsche actually," replied Mina. LMAO! Her sense of humor is on point, though we're sure we'd have to get creative too if we were asked the same sarcastic question on nearly every video. Still, though, Merlin's life does seem pretty identical to a dog's life--so @jimmythebrinks has a point! We love getting glimpses into life with a unique pet like Merlin, so you can be sure we'll be checking on this channel in the future.

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