Piers Morgan Calls Prince Harry Out For 'Lying' Over Mental Health Claims

Piers Morgan Prince Harry
Piers Morgan Prince Harry

Piers Morgan, 58, is not Prince Harry‘s biggest fan (understatement of the century!) so we aren’t too surprised to hear that he has been criticizing him yet again.

Morgan’s latest attack against the Duke of Sussex 38, came on Twitter (where else?!) after a Mail Plus article recalled how he said he had ‘no support’ for his mental health issues after his Afghanistan tour in his new Netflix series, Heart Of Invictus, which launched on August 30th. The five-part series launched ahead of this month’s Invictus Games which will be held in Dusseldorf and will kick off on September 9th for eight days.

Piers Morgan Calls Out Prince Harry Once Again

The article read: "Harry claims he had 'no support' for his mental health issues after Afghanistan tour in his new Netflix series… despite previously telling one interviewer how much his brother had helped him."

Naturally, the Piers Morgan Uncensored host wasn’t going to stay silent about Prince Harry's latest swipe at the royal family for long, and replied: "Are recollections varying again? So sick of this spoiled twerp constantly playing the victim – and lying about the support he got."

Many Twitter users seemed to be on the former Britain's Got Talent judge's side in the comments section. "For someone so obsessed with it, Harry seems to have no understanding about how it works and how easy it is to find past statements that immediately contradict his current ones. Recollections may vary Harry at it again," wrote one user, as another added, "He is pathetic," and someone else commented, "He is simply shameless."

Another commented: "The Harry Show is getting boring. Every month it’s a different Poor Harry story. None of us have had charmed, perfect lives."

Prince Harry's Claims In 'Heart Of Invictus'

In the five-part docuseries, Prince Harry said that the "biggest struggle" for him when he returned from Afghanistan in 2008 was that no one around him "really could help," adding, "I didn't have that support structure, that network or that expert advice to identify what was actually going on with me."

"Unfortunately, like most of us, the first time you consider therapy is when you are lying on the floor in the fetal position probably wishing you had dealt with some of this stuff previously. And that's what I really want to change," he continued.

Prince Harry also explained that he only became aware of the trauma he had from Princess Diana dying when he was just 12 years old after he had returned from the war, and said that his trauma regarding his mother's death was "never discussed" within the royal family.

However, these claims seem to contradict what he said back in 2017, as he previously praised his brother Prince William, 41, and several close friends for persuading him to have therapy to deal with his trauma stemming from his mother's death. Speaking on a podcast with Bryony Gordon in 2017, he recalled how they told him: "Look, you really need to deal with this. It is not normal to think that nothing has affected you."

"Losing my mom at such a young age, the trauma I had I was never aware of," he explained in the show. "It was never discussed and I didn't really talk about it and I suppressed it like most other youngsters would have done. When it all came fizzing out, I was bouncing off the walls – what is going on here? – I am now feeling everything instead of being young."