How to make pickles in under an hour

Mike (@stoveandgarden) is a former restaurant worker who’s picked up quite a few tips and tricks along the way. Recently, he shared a spectacular life hack for making your very own pickles in under an hour. Mike mixes half a mason jar of white vinegar, ¼ jar of water, some fresh dill, garlic powder, fresh pepper, and a splash of apple cider vinegar. He then puts his mixture in a pot and brings it to a boil. Meanwhile, he’s slicing up a cucumber into medallions, because it’s no secret that the special ingredient for making pickles is cucumber. He then puts the cucumber medallions into the mason jar and pours in the boiling mixture. Don’t forget to add that dill on top!. He lets his cucumbers and liquid brine sit for an hour before putting the lid on. it’s important to follow pickling recipes as written because the levels of acidity (aka, vinegar) are key to the safety of the pickling process as well as the flavor