Photographer’s Videos of Sloths in a Costa Rican Rain Forest Are Impossible To Resist

Is there anybody out there who doesn't love sloths? They're little faces always look like they're smiling, and the demeanor makes me want to give them a hug! Wildlife photographer @Harry Collins shared a montage of videos in August 2023 of sloths he recorded in a Costa Rican rain forest, and I could watch them all day!

Though it's only 14 seconds long, we get to see seven different sloths hanging out in the trees doing different things. My favorite one is the video of the sloth closeup; it looks like he's smiling directly at me!

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Going to Costa Rica is definitely on my bucket list, and one of these days I'll get there! I did get to get up close to watch a sloth at the Indianapolis Zoo as he was slowly waking up from a nap. He looked directly at me, and I was in heaven!  I'd love to see sloths out in the wild just doing their thing. I know they're not very exciting and move very slowly, but I think it would be amazing to see them move slowly through the trees above.

I'm not the only one who loved @Harry Collins' videos. @Alejandro isn't wrong when he states, "Beautiful creatures"! Another commenter swooned "Oh wow, captured so beautifully!"

Some people keep sloths as pets. They're considered an exotic pet and are not legal to own in all states. Anytime you have an exotic pet, they're going to be expensive. It may also be hard to find veterinary care for them. Make sure to do your research before considering an exotic pet, especially sloths. They're very difficult to care for even by professionals.

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